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Don't Doubt Investing in Dogecoin, This Is the Future of Dogecoin According to Ross Nicoll

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 06, 2019 | Saturday, April 06, 2019

Dogecoin has now managed to get tremendous momentum on the market starting from the end of August to the beginning of September, because their development team is preparing a demo for Dogethereum, not only that the dogecoin team also presents some other great news for the community.

According to the latest interview with a member of the development team, Ross Nicoll claims that her team is preparing a proposal to register the Dogecoin to Coinbase.

# The Dogecoin development team Arranges Plans

In one of the latest announcements made by the Coinbase representative, their exchange stated that they would receive a coin to be registered in the market only sent by the developer team themselves.

If we look too, in one of the most recent interviews made by the portal focusing on blockchain news, Blokt, and Ross Nicoll, Nicoll stated that the team was preparing their submission to register for Dogecoin at Coinbase.

When asked about what Dogecoin wanted to represent, Nicoll calmly replied that DOGE was one of the long-runner coins on the market since the currency was issued in 2013, and supported by a supportive and pleasant community.

Besides, with regard to the case of drafting a plan to register coins at Coinbase, Nicoll said that the team hoped to get the green light from the exchange, and they were also handling other poll cases previously carried out by the dogecoin community in changing about like community to register Dogecoin to Amazon.

Regarding Amazon's relationship with DOGE, Ross Nicoll stated that Amazon had never approached the Dogecoin development team in this regard, which consequently made this relationship unavailable for now. But if Amazon would approach the DOGE team, Nicoll stated that they would be happy to discuss adding DOGE to Amazon.

# Dogecoin and its future according to Ross Nicoll

In his interview with the portal, Nicoll stated when asked about Dogecoin's future, that he saw DOGE as an established Internet currency in five years from now, adding that he would love to see DOGE become an integral part of the Ethereum Ecosystem.

When it comes to updates and new projects, in addition to working on the Dogethereum bridge, the development team also focuses on releasing client versions 1.14, even now they have started working on the next client version, version 1.16.

Although 1.14 clients are almost ready to be released, the next version 1.16 requires further testing before being sent. In addition, the team is looking for solutions to make bridges that will be more advanced in terms of reducing operator nodes.

As far as the Dogethereum bridge is concerned, they have successfully run the first demo version which was tested directly on September 5, by Oscar Guindzberg, who was the head of the team working on the Dogethereum bridge.

Nicoll stated that there must be some improvements and updates that have occurred because the Oscar team must immediately submit the mentioned updates in the form of increased efficiency and functionality.

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