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Do not be hunted down - sell these 4 coins, the price is predicted to be high

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, April 04, 2019 | Thursday, April 04, 2019

A few weeks earlier Dogecoin and Electroneum were highlighted for their upcoming news and underappreciated traits. Both of these coins provide significant returns for the holder.

But for the remainder of 2018 it has four more promising projects which are currently all significantly still undervalued and almost reaching important limits. These coins are:


If I focus on small coins that can give a return of 10-30x; I also feel it is important to also focus on at least one of the top 10 coins with market capitalization. Which of the ten best cryptocurrency has the highest probability of getting the highest appreciation during Q4 ...?

XRP seems to be the best candidate for a number of reasons. Two of the most important reasons are the community of those who really became hard XRP fans and their partnerships.

XRP has more utilities and Ripple has more partners than almost all cryptocurrency (maybe he is the current leader). Their loyal followers are still sure XRP will soon be added to Coinbase. While the Ripple team continues to add the most respected partners in finance.

Ripple is currently partnering with the Mahindra Bank Box, Banco Santander, Paying American Express FX International, InstaRem, Kuwait National Bank, Mitsubishi Corp, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Thailand, MoneyGram, and many more.

Ripple partners list and those who implement XRP are truly endless and continue to grow. For investors who focus on partnerships, utilities, and market saturation it does not look further than XRP. Bitcoin Cash will continue their battle with BTC and it will not surprise me if BTC is left behind. However, coins like XRP and INS can look back several times higher than that.

XRP traded just under $ 4 during ATH, which is probably caused by all speculations of Coinbase. $ 4 seems a bit excessive especially because XRP has to do about 12x of its current price. I don't see one of the top 10 cryptocurrencyes rising more than 400% in Q4 2018 even with a bull run.

This is contrary to coins such as INS or ANON which can more easily see a 10x return due to its very small market capitalization and strong outlook

XRP seems to be most likely to take advantage of shifting future market sentiment because they are favorites among their followers and have market saturation through partnerships that are unmatched among the 10 other cryptocurrency.


INS is a cryptocurrency king's favorite cryptocurrency project for several reasons. This is mostly traded at OKEx and Binance with a market capitalization of $ 8.6 million. There are two important things to note about the previous sentence: 1. A coin with a market capitalization of under $ 10 million is traded on 2 of the top 5 exchanges, and 2. At $ 0.285 this is one of the cheaper options on both exchanges for those looking for low Satoshi coins.

On January 2018, INS traded above $ 10 per coin (near its ATH). Based on today's prices, INS will become a 35x candidate if it reaches near the ATH again. whether it reaches $ 10 per coin is a stretch, but with the ambitious planned 4th quarter, strong teams, and the release of their platforms, INS tends to generate exponential returns higher than BTC and is the Most Underdone Project under 4Q 2018.

What makes INS the best Q4 cryptocurrency project is the peak of significant undervalued values combined with the partnership, team and, roadmap Q4.

INS has a team of professionals from Goldman Sachs, Harvard Business School, and IBM. Their main partners are Ambrosus, Civic, Bancor, Wings, and Blockchain Ventures. They have received tremendous interest from manufacturers that are equivalent to US manufacturers but located in Eastern Europe: Borjomi, Calgon, and Vanish.

So what's the use of INS? this is a global decentralized platform that allows producers of consumer goods from every part of the world to sell directly to consumers by passing offline and online retailers. This makes goods cheaper, streamlines the process, and guarantees the authenticity and quality of each item.

Utilities, utilities, utilities, obviously there is a global market, estimated to be billions for the delivery of food ingredients when moving intermediaries. however, can INS do this on blockchain? If they can, reaching a new ATH must be feasible. At the end of Q4, INS plans to launch their platform for consumers and producers bring utilities to INS coins and legitimize INS in the long run.

In other words, INS is the Most Under-rated Project which tends to produce significant results because the eagerly awaited platform is finally completed. Their partners are some of the most important names in blockchain and manufacturers that show significant interest are some of the biggest in the world.

Look for INS to generate returns far greater than BTC $ 6653.36 + 0.45% and the majority of crypto markets; 35x (3500%) can be considered rather high, bringing the INS back to the previous highest level (ATH). However, 3-10x in the short term can be very possible for utilities to add coins with established partners, producers, and liquidity pools on the exchange.

There is no reason INS should have a market limit of under $ 10 million and it is likely that when those who read this article understand the importance of the next 3 months INS that market capitalization is no longer under $ 10 million. INS utility tokens become real, their teams are stacked, their platforms are released this quarter, their partners are well-known, and they are 90 +% down from their ATH.

INS is the Top Project for Q4, 2018 and will likely see the highest results. At a price of $ 0.28 INS has a target range of $ 1.20- $ 2.50 in the immediate short term.


Stellar has a crazy year. That changed from just a fraction of a cent to almost a dollar at the start of the year. Its growth has been a direct result of major project updates that pushed this project to the Top 10.

Stellar is similar to other 2017 breakouts, Ripple, which both offer cross-border money transfers. However, the cryptocurrency community does not like centralized platforms like Ripple. Stellar fix this. Stellar is decentralized so that the average dose of people does not need to depend on large banks to transfer funds across borders.

Because of its ease of use, this makes it the perfect alternative for trading partners BTC and ETH. With some big partnerships under his belt, including IBM, it looks like 2018 will be another runaway year for this coin.

I mean, the logo involves rockets flying to the moon, and I hope this logo will mark some more serious growth.


by default I am a bit biased towards ANON which is why I decided to put it last among cryptocurrency currently on this list. I founded the concept of ANON, ZCL fork and BTC (with masternode) in April 2018 and after the summer working very hard fork was successful on September 10 2018.

Being a fork that recently happened there is general uncertainty around it. however, this uncertainty must be postponed immediately with Cryptopia, Tradesatoshi, and Safe. Trade all lists, supports, and actively trading ANON.

The Cryptopia market is open Monday morning while others are on air. Counselors along with the core team continue to expand the coin's liquidity range by adding more top exchanges. ANON advisors include Steven Nerayoff (legal architect of ETH ICO) and Ran Neu-Ner (CNBC Crypto Trader). With ANON which has been successfully distributed to ZCL and BTC holders, it is time to start preparing masternodes and add real utilities to the ANON platform.

At present, there are about 200 masternodes prepared. with a gift block of 50 ANON and block occurs every 10 minutes, with 35% going to MN HODLR, 17.5 ANON distributed to 1 MN every 10 minutes. 6 blocks occur per hour, 24 hours per day, 146 masternode will receive around 17.5 ANON per day.

That means every 30 hours (500 ANON) will give 17.5 ANON. This extrapolates to the current rate of return for ANON for years above 5,000 ANON. Masternodes currently returns more than 1000% ROI every year.

With masternodes (MN) returning a very high percentage, the possibility of a large number of ANON being removed from the supply circulating and placed in MN. This will reduce inventory while increasing demand for ANON specifically for MN.

Masternodes is not the only reason ANON will have an impressive quarter in Q4. Recently, ANON announced partnerships with General Bytes ATM, blockchain and leading technology providers for ATMs worldwide. ANON will be available for purchase and sale at ATMs around the world starting in the short term.

ANON was recently added to the Blockfolio, CoinGecko and registered with CoinMarketcap. This shows the desire of the cryptocurrency community to monitor ANON's price movements and establish it as a program. With a listing on the exchange, wallet and price site, ANON seems to have been involved in the crypto community.

ANON has also prepared several mining pools and one-click masternode services that will allow individuals to take advantage of high block prizes for both miners and masternode holders. This community has access to wallets, exchanges, masternodes, mining pools, with more announcements for the remainder of 2018.

The technology is as important as exchange and community. The main developers focused on implementing lightning before the end of the fourth quarter with many other surprises in the store related to the platform to help make use of ANON. The community was very enthusiastic about ANON's original desire, that Bounty 2.0 had been brought back to continue community involvement.

Closing Q4, ANON has one last big event. ANON intends to burn all unclaimed ANON on January 1, 2019with more than 4 million BTC estimated to be lost forever, and the large percentage of ZCL remaining on the Bittrex exchange during the T-junction there must be a staggering number of large ANON numbers. Burned January 1, 2019the team predicts this number could exceed 10 million ANON, reducing the supply of circulating by 25%.

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