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Digibyte has a good chance to invest, is it possible ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 12, 2019 | Friday, April 12, 2019

The world of cryptocurrency still has no major changes that attract new investors and old hodlers. Almost all cryptocurrency trades sideways because the price is only slightly green, except for crypto such as Tron and BCD.

Actually, this is a good sign for new investors entering the cryptocurrency market because prices are in the buying zone. Besides Bitcoin, there are many altcoins that you can invest and one of them is Digibyte (DGB).

Buying at this time is more profitable than buying it last year, because buyers who entered that year anticipated the new bull run that occurred the previous year. This is far more efficient than trying to buy in a falling market, which is usually called catching a falling knife.

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The risk of catching a falling knife is that you lose a better opportunity when investing in the hope that prices will bounce.

For example someone who holds fiat money throughout 2018 and buys Bitcoin (BTC) now, will have more than those who bought in 2018. That's why for altcoins that are fundamentally strong like Digibyte, it's good to accumulate in anticipation of the next Bull Run.

Then there is the fact that Bitcoin can be prioritized for bull trends. For some time now, Bitcoin has bounced from a support level of $ 4000 for the weekly chart and sales volume seems to have dropped at this level.

This could be an indicator that after more than 12 months of a continuing bearish (down) trend, the bottom (lowest price) is very close.

That means that the next big step (BTC) might go up. From the RSI chart in the oversold zone it also indicates that there is only one step for Bitcoin, which is going up.

However, if viewed from the fundamental side, Bitcoin will go down to the bottom, maybe because of Bitcoin Halving. However, prices will rise after that. At the time of the press, BTC prices rose to $ 4200, up around 6.9 percent for 24 hours.

If this is part of the lowest price of Bitcoin, there is a possibility that Bitcoin will rise significantly. Altcoin like Digibyte can see their prices rise significantly in the next Bull Run.

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In the previous bull run, Digibyte (DGB) rose with a very large margin. This time, he can get even more because it is easier to buy on the cryptocurrency exchange, which can significantly increase volume for the next bull trend.

Digibyte is also supported by the fact that it has several main uses on the market. For example, some of the main features are DigiID that has been used by large companies.

Adoption of DigiID by AntumID is the main confidence boost in Digibyte capabilities. This opens the way for DGB to enter other industries such as financial institutions. This is another reason why prices can grow significantly when a bull run.

And that is definitely a good reason to be bullish on Digibyte both short and long term. The possibility of being priced at $ 0.4 is quite high.

This may sound implausible, but it is a case that happened in 2017. Who can imagine that BTC can reach $ 2000. At the time of the press, the price of DGB was at $ 0.01. And my view for Digibyte coins is quite potential, then how do you view Digibyte coins in 2019 ...?, please comment here ...

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