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Cryptocurrency trading always losses, this is 11 Trader's mistakes that must be corrected

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 14, 2019 | Sunday, April 14, 2019

Digital cryptocurrency trading is very tempting for them, especially beginners. Especially when prices soar to exceed the benefits of stock trading and forex.

But cryptocurrency trading is not as easy as one might imagine, why is trading always loss ...?. Here are 11 trader mistakes that often occur especially for beginners. This error must be corrected immediately.

Many people refer to cryptocurrency as 'bubble' or just a momentary trend. when the price is low / bearish it can fall to more than 50 percent, and vice versa.

There are several points that traders must understand and trading strategies are very different. Even traders who have often had to accept the fate of losing profits.

# Why is Trading Always Lost ...?

What are the important points to consider in cryptocurrency trading ...? The following tips can at least reduce the risk of large losses. Here are 11 trader mistakes that are most often done without realizing it, and need to be fixed:

1. Before Trading, Lazy Pray

Believe it or not, forgetting to pray is also the reason why trading is always a loss. Many traders forget to pray, even though digital crypto, forex, or stock trading are not much different from traders who are active in the real world.

Both pursue profits, but real-world traders often pray before trading in the morning, and they rarely lose money.

2. Want Multiple Multiplication Profit

Most traders only think about how to achieve higher profits. Many traders start to be lured by leverage, which was initially used a lot in forex trading.

But most traders don't know what leverage is. All they want is to double the profits as fast as lightning. If you don't understand, it's best to keep trading on an ordinary cryptocurrency market even though it's fortunately small.

It is important to remember, never transact more than you can. If you have 10 million capital, just use 20 percent. Then this 20 percent capital is used to buy 10 different crypto with the same value.

Of course crypto purchases are based on technical analysis, not by guessing. Smaller profits are far better than losing money at once in one day.

3. Trapping Bullish Trends

Who is not lured to see the green hue in certain crypto ...?. Surely all traders want to take part and get profits from the bullish trend.

Indeed this can be done when certain crypto is experiencing a surge or 'pumping'. But they were not aware that the trade was being led to a stable.

It's like a farm animal being herded and then the cage is closed suddenly. The most recent trader is obviously unable to go anywhere, like or not to lose.

4. Why Percays Analysis of Other Traders

Most traders often follow other people's analysis rather than making their own analysis. That is, swallowing raw what other people give is not necessarily bullish in the near future.

It could be that the analysis spreader is trying to increase the volume of slumping coin trading. Or 'deposit' from crypto developers to increase the value of the coin.

If lucky, crypto can bulge more than 10 percent. If not, what happened actually benefited traders who were selling bulk coins.

5. Always FOMO

Never FOMO (Fear of Missing Opportunity), fear of losing opportunities is natural. But panic when buying will actually make you lose your mind.

Believe the analysis you have, and leave it for some time. Not buying when the coin is trending, because you will receive the consequences.

6. Always FUD

Seeing a graph that suddenly slumps will certainly shock us. But don't be careless, look at the market game. Breathe deeply and think what is happening and find information.

Do not directly sell because of FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt), it is only natural if we are scared, feel uncertain and arise doubts. It could be a drop in prices because other parties who want to buy in bulk at the lowest price.

7. Technical Target Analysis Forgotten

Why is trading always loss ...?. Most traders do not pay attention to the analysis which is clearly determined how much profit should be taken (take profit).

But it's lulled because 'pump' continues to go high, which unwittingly suddenly drops in seconds. Greedy makes us not have time to sell and the profit generated is generally below the target Technical Analysis.

8. Don't Overdo it, Potential Profit

Just because you see certain crypto is red to a dozen percent. It does not mean that later it will rise again to be a dozen percent, it could be a bearish trend.

The average coin that goes down will rise again between 2-3 percent. If there are certain events or updates, Altcoin can normally rise up to 5 percent. In essence, not losing money is far more important than pursuing high profits.

9. Lose Reality Not Received

Fair trading is definitely a profit and loss. So, it is not natural if there is a trader who does not accept the fact that he is losing or losing.

Don't let the losses continue for days, the trend may be changing your technical analysis. Use 'Stop Loss', like it or not to be swallowed even though it feels bitter.

10. Too Low or High Stop Defeat

Why is trading always loss?. Cryptocurrency trades go down the fastest, so many traders have to sell losses due to errors set low or too high Stop Loss. Before bullish, crypto will usually drop between 1-2 percent or more.

As usual, many traders want a low price coin and then buy it. What is the stop loss value that is safe for Altcoin?. If you are sure of the TA you have, enter stop-loss between 5-7 percent.

11. Bitcoin Trends (BTC) Forgot to Pay Attention

The most common reason why Altcoin trading always loses is forgetting to follow the bitcoin (BTC) trend. To this day, the price of the rise and fall of the altcoin depends on bitcoin.

When traders have benefited from the altcoin, they often forget to see the BTC trend. As a result, Bitcoin suddenly dropped and made the altcoin go down instantly. Hopefully useful and hopefully winning always...

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