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Cambridge Associates Just Suggests Embedding Money in the Crypto Sector, Why You Don't Want to Follow It.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cambridge Associates is a large investment consulting company, advising other institutions to start investing in the crypto sector.

The Boston-based consultant only serves institutions that handle assets worth more than US $ 300 billion. "Despite the challenges, we believe it is appropriate for investors to start exploring this sector with long-term targets. Although crypto investment carries a high risk, some of them are very likely to change the digital world". The company said in Bloomberg

The Cambridge statement is realistic amid other comments that are sometimes too optimistic or too pessimistic. As a company that specializes in pension funds and endowments, Cambridge's declaration of support for crypto is not a spontaneous decision, considering there are other institutions that have begun to invest in the crypto sector.

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Cambridge advises prospective investors to conduct in-depth studies of various aspects of crypto, such as investing in venture capital, to trade tokens on the crypto exchange.

Although the crypto market has continued to decline over the past year, Cambridge believes that the crypto industry is still in its early stages. "The sharp decline that occurred in the crypto sector raises questions about the future of these assets and the underlying blockchain technology. But, if we look at this investment as a whole, we see a growing industry". Obviously Cambridge

The Cambridge statement followed a week after Grayscale, a crypto investment fund, released a report on the entry of institutional money into the crypto sector over the past year. The fact that institutional investors enter when the crypto price falls is a positive sign and indicates large companies see a potential price will turn around.

Grayscale even calls crypto a new class of assets and says crypto can be a means of diversification in an investor's portfolio. Despite a decline in investment in the fourth quarter of 2018, Grayscale found that more evidence of digital assets would remain as a new asset class.

Besides, the company believes that a variety of digital assets will survive, success and complementarity in a digital economy in the future.

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Previously there were two public pension funds, the Virginia Police Pension System and the Employee Pension System in Fairfax County, which participated in investing in US $ 40 million in crypto funds owned by Morgan Creek.

Katherine Molnar, Chief Investment Officer who oversees the retirement of the Fairfax region, said blockchain technology was implemented in a unique and interesting way in a variety of industries. We feel it is important to take this opportunity, and we are happy to participate in this opportunity because of the potential for extraordinary profits", Molnar said (ccn.com)

In addition, the controversial JPM Coin is an important sign of changing sentiment Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase. Although the coin will not add anything in terms of crypto innovation, JPM Coin remains proof that the positive sentiment for crypto sector will grow rapidly among financial institutions.

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