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Buy Ethereum Classic Now, He Will Reach US $ 200 Price Thanks to This Predicate...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 07, 2019 | Sunday, April 07, 2019

The presence of the crypto world thanks to the fork from Ethereum (ETH) triggered by drama DAO, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has succeeded in becoming a successful hardfork for the crypto community.

And now Ethereum Classic has become more than just "hardfrok", because they continue to be flooded with momentum on several occasions since the beginning of August.

In addition to getting support from Robinhood, Coinbase also announced support for ETC, and after that Ethereum Classic began to attract more investors.

Looking at its very strategic position in the market, Ethereum Classic also announced that it was very interested in entering the Internet of Things race, where IOTA (MIOTA) might lead the current game with automotive and technology giants such as Volkswagen, BMW and Fujitsu.

A lot of positive news that revolves around the ETC brings it to a better rank on the market too, thus attracting more interest from new investors and crypto fans, there are some indications that Ethereum Classic can easily reach $ 40 or $ 200 in the end.


#. Ethereum Classic (ETC) Comes in Large Coinbase and Robinhood markets

In early August, the Robinhood platform announced support for the Ethereum Classic, which brought the Ethereum Classic closer to the US market, had more exposure to investors from the United States.

Given the fact that Robinhood counts around 4 million active users, ETC has a great opportunity to improve its image on the market, which turns out to be only a few days later.

In addition, Coinbase, one of the most popular and biggest exchanges on the market, announces that Ethereum Classic will get support from Coinbase starting August 7, which brings Ethereum Classic to a wider circle of investors because Coinbase counts about 10 million active users.

This case is immediately reflected in the price of Ethereum Classic, because it immediately surpassed the competition by passing TRON (TRX) and settled as the 13th largest currency, which may be supported by the addition of ETC to Coinbase, which is considered to be among the most appropriate currency markets when cometo list and support.

Although the market's decline actively affected the market at the time, the Ethereum Classic surged. However, after that refuse to be classified as the 15th largest currency, it is priced at around 10 $.

By getting more exposure with a total of 14 million potential investors through Coinbase and Robinhood, Ethereum Classic may have a great chance of returning to the highest level of all time around $ 40 by the end of the year.

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#. Ethereum Classic Welcomes the Internet of Things

While the first sign of a bullish return is said to occur in November or at least at the end of the year for Ethereum Classic, but the good news behind ETC has introduced the community to enter the Internet of Things industry, which is currently dominated by IOTA (MIOTA) who have found IoT use cases.

Into the there is great value summarized in projects related to the Internet of Things, so the Ethereum Classic initiative to focus on IoT can bring big wins to holders too, because the ETC might easily rise by $ 200 by the end of the year and early 2019 if the teampresents solid IoT usage cases for Ethereum Classic. If not, it is more realistic for the Ethereum Classic to reach a price of $ 40, probably going above to $ 50 from the current price of $ 10.

Which means that the ETC can go up four times further than its first goal at 40 $, and could just make a new goal at 200 $, this is very realistic with the presence in the IoT world.

If you evaluate the ETC price in 2018 by moving coins in 2017, Ethereum Classic must go to 11 $ on September 21, and easily score $ 40 in late December and early January.


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