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Bitcoiners story When Satoshi Nakamoto Account (satoshin@gmx.com) is Hackers

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 13, 2019 | Saturday, April 13, 2019

Some time ago, Satoshi Nakamoto's account at p2pfoundation suddenly reactivated, and posted the word "Nour". This account is an old account of Satoshi Nakamoto and has been inactive since 2014.

In fact, the email belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto used in the account was hacked in 2014. Precisely on September 8, 2014, there was someone with an anonymous identity and then posted on Pastebin.

In the post, someone asked for a ransom worth 25 BTC so he would not mention the true identity of the owner of the pseudonym name Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi's original e-mail address used to be active in various forums, often known is satoshin@gmx.com. The hacker also mentioned that he had gotten full access from Satoshi's email.

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This event is then written in detail on the motherboard right the day after. It was written that the motherboard itself had time to communicate with hackers on Satoshi's own email.

Based on the results of the written Motherboard study, it had time to communicate with two people who both had access to old email Satoshi Nakamoto. The first person called hacking the email is just for fun.

Then the second person invited to communicate, according to Motherboard, is not only the actual account hackers, but the person also said that the first person to talk to was actually Satoshi Nakamoto.

The expression of the second person who called the first person Satoshi felt quite strange. The reason is that it is impossible for someone to hack because just by accident they can find the password from Satoshi Nakamoto's email.

Another conclusion, as has been discussed so far, is that Satoshi Nakamoto's own email is likely to be accessed by many people.

Do not know what the background of the hacker then posted his intention to ask for a ransom of 25 BTC. Whereas, the number of Bitcoins owned by Satoshi Nakamoto himself is likely to reach millions of BTC. Naturally, because Satoshi Nakamoto himself was the first person to run Bitcoin.

The screenshots that were searched by the motherboard, it is known that there are approximately 11,659 incoming emails. It's likely that the hacker successfully hacked the entire contents of his e-mail as a whole.

On the other hand, @theymos (Bitcointalk / auth - adm) on September 8, 2014 also had the chance to post that Satoshi's email account had been hacked.

According to Theymos, the hacker might have succeeded in hacking Satoshi's email, or it could be because the email had expired, and then re-registered.

Theymos also said that the last time he had communicated with Satoshi Nakamoto since 2010 ago. Motherboard also tried to dig further with the first person.

When asked if the e-mail account really can reveal Satoshi Nakamoto's true identity. The first person said that he wasn't too sure, maybe only about 80% was right.

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While the second person who hacked the email account stated that the first person was actually Satoshi Nakamoto. For this confusion that sometimes makes many people conclude that Satoshi Nakamoto might consist of several people.

However, the first person also said that Satoshi himself was someone who was smart enough to hide his true identity. Not only that, this first person also stated that the second person who had hacked and posted the ransom on Pastebin was a different person. "I like the style" as written on the motherboard.

The only email that might be able to reveal Satoshi Nakamoto's identity is that from the e-mail account, one receipt has been made from CardReaderFactory.com. And the e-mail document has also been linked to the original Pastebin, only the name of the buyer has been disguised.

# Doubt the Reappearing Satoshi Nakamoto Account

Of course, the emergence of Satoshi Nakamoto's old account in p2pfoundation has been doubted by many crypto communities. The main reason is none other because many already know that in 2014, Satoshi Nakamoto's own email account was hacked by the other person.

Talking about who owns the pseudonym name Satoshi Nakamoto does indeed invite extraordinarily high curiosity. people must have been quite curious all this time.

However, who is Satoshi Nakamoto's true identity is not important, the most important thing is that he has made a breakthrough that has shocked the world. Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto ..., of course we will always remember you ...

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