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Besides having an impact on the eyes of cataracts, Atopic Eczema also causes asthma

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Skin diseases characterized by the onset of persistent itching and reddish skin rashes, commonly called Atopic Eczema.

The rash and itching can appear in one or more areas of the body. The itching will also get worse at night. In addition to rashes and itching, people with atopic eczema can also feel other symptoms, such as skin becoming rough, thickened, and scaly.

At certain times, problematic skin can cause pain and even bleed. Atopic eczema is a condition that often occurs in infants. However, it does not rule out the possibility of children, adolescents, or adults.

Atopic eczema and symptoms...

Every patient can feel different symptoms. In infants, the symptoms of atopic eczema are scaly, red and crusty skin on the cheeks, scalp, hands and feet.

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Then in children and adults, the symptoms of atopic eczema that often appear are red rashes and are very itchy in the area behind the neck, knees, and elbows. Besides these symptoms, patients can also feel other symptoms, namely:

1. A prominent rash and discharge.

2. The skin around the eyes is darker.

3. Chapped skin, peeling, until bleeding.

4. Dry and scaly skin.

5. The skin on the palm of the hand or the area under the eyes constricts and wrinkles.

As for the itching that appears, it is worse at night and if scratched the skin will become thicker, appear hollow, and blacken.

Furthermore, if scratching the problem area of the skin can certainly trigger infection. Patients should immediately see a doctor if a red colored lump appears that is painful, and festering.

Atopic eczema along with its causes...

Although the exact cause of atopic eczema is not known, there are several factors that are indicated to trigger this condition. Some of them are :

1. Weather
2. Food
3. Animal fur
4. Clothing material used.

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However, there is an estimate that this is a disease passed from parent to child. In addition, irritation is also considered as one of the triggers for the emergence of atopic eczema. The use of products for bathing, such as unsuitable soap or shampoo, is believed to cause skin disorders, and trigger atopic eczema.

Even some other factors that are believed, can also trigger the occurrence of atopic eczema, such as:

1. Hormonal changes.

2. Skin infection.

3. Food allergies, such as allergies to cow's milk, eggs, beans, soybeans, or wheat.

4. Allergies to exposure to the environment, such as cold temperatures, dry air, animal hair, and plant pollen.

5. Uncomfortable clothes and can cause irritation, such as wool or synthetic fabrics.

On the other hand, in someone who has suffered from atopic eczema, there are several factors that can make his condition worse, while the conditions are:

1. Air is dry and dusty.
2. Sweating.
3. Stress.
4. Exposed to water temperature, or air that is too cold or hot.

Atopic eczema that does not get proper treatment has the potential to cause complications. One of them is neurodermatitis.

This event not only causes itching, but the skin will become thicker, coarser, scaly, until it changes color. In fact, itchiness is felt to be more itchy when scratched. Not only neurodermatitis, atopic eczema can also cause other complications, namely asthma, rhinitis, skin infections, sleep disorders, cataracs and psychological impact on the sufferer.

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