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Because his father was a smoker, the danger of this infection eventually threatened the life of the baby

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 | Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A baby must undergo hospital treatment with the help of a hose for his breathing. This is because this baby named Ainaa suffers from bronchopneumonia and lung infections at a very young age.

Ainaa suffered from the disease because her father was a smoker. The story was shared by his mother, Destriana on Facebook in December last year and was immediately viral.

The mother told her that her infant child had to suffer from the disease because her father smoked even though he did not directly breathe the smoke.

"At first I thought, it's safe to be safe that his father smoked outside what was important. The smoke didn't go inside ...

But in fact is Big No... !!!

smoking is a disease, opium, not only to kill the smoker, but also the people around him including those you love.
The poison from the smoke lasted and settled in the hair, in the clothes, in the smoker's skin ", he explained on Facebook

Learn from the cases that afflict Ainaa babies, it's good that Moms is more familiar with this bronchopneumonia.

Bronchopneumonia is a type of respiratory disease that is prone to attacking babies. This disease also often threatens the lives of babies even though newborns.

Healthline says, bronchopneumonia or lobular pneumonia is a type of pneumonia that also causes inflammation of the bronchi.

This is the airway that feeds air to the lungs. Someone with bronchopneumonia may have difficulty breathing because their airways narrow.

Because of inflammation, their lungs may not get enough air. This condition is caused by the bacteria streptococcus pneumonia and is commonly experienced by infants and children.

Bronchopneumonia and various other types of pneumonia infections cannot be considered trivial. Reporting from IDAI, based on data from the United Nations Agency for Children (Unicef), in 2015 there were approximately 14 percent of 147,000 children under 5 years old in Indonesia dying of pneumonia.

The most common symptom if the child is experiencing this condition is shortness of breath or breath that looks abnormal like sounding. Children and babies can show different symptoms. While coughing is the most common symptom in infants, they may also experience :

1. Fast heartbeat

2. Low blood oxygen levels

3. Withdrawal of the chest muscles

4. Irritability

5. Decreased interest in eating, eating, or drinking

6. Fever

7. Difficulty sleeping

Dr. Nastisi Kaswandani, Sp.A (K) said, various types of pneumonia can be prevented in various ways. One of which is to provide a healthy environment for toddlers, namely adequate nutrition, exclusive breastfeeding until babies aged 6 months, and respiratory air free from pollution (cigarette smoke, vehicle fumes, factory smoke). (IDAI/ auth)

Exclusive breastfeeding can reduce the incidence of pneumonia in infants by 20 percent. Prevention of babies from illness due to pneumonia is mainly done by providing complete immunization. Some types of pneumonia, can reduce the incidence by 50 percent.

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