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Bad ......, Only Within One Hour, Bitcoin Experienced Serious Things Like This

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 12, 2019 | Friday, April 12, 2019

Not surprisingly, if Bitcoin experiences strong price movements, sometimes its value strengthens or falls by 20% to 50% in just one day.

Recently, Bitcoin prices have surged strongly with market capitalization by breaking the strong Resistance level in the range of $ 4,200 to more than $ 5,000, which became the first new highest level since the previous increase in December 2017.

The insane increase in Bitcoin has boosted its value in just one hour, which was far greater than the combined movement in the previous two months

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Amazingly, previous increases in February and March 2019 which boosted the optimism of bulls, were easily repressed by selling sentiments in just one hour to new lows, so it looks the same as the recent strong rise.

Bullish indications began on February 7, when Bitcoin with market capitalization began to approach Support at 200 EMA which caused a strong surge that was predicted by many traders.

What they don't expect is the sustainability of the Bullish over the next two months, which has made Bitcoin out of the range of the current trading range and still moves steadily above the level of the price of $ 5,000 for the first time in 2019.

During February, prices began to rise from low levels around the price of $ 3,350 to the February monthly closing around the price of $ 3,800.

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In March, prices again tried to rise from the February closing slowly, to touch the previous highest level around the price of $ 4,150 at the close of March. The entire movement from early February to the end of March, brought Bitcoin prices up $ 800.

And in the recent green candle surge, the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply to exceed the price level of $ 5,100, or has risen by as much as $ 950 in early April.

The total increase in the one hour period has overtaken the increase that has been pursued for the previous 2 months, namely in February and March.

History notes, April did have some of the biggest green candles in all the cryptocurrency price charts so far, which in April was also the beginning of a massive rally that brought Bitcoin prices from $ 6,700 to more than $ 8,000 in just one step. Not a bitcoin price at this time, don't delay let's invest in digital currencies, bitcoin and altcoin now...

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