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Atopic eczema causes cataracts and asthma, can be treated through 2 therapies

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Not only neurodermatitis, atopic eczema can also cause other diseases including asthma, rhinitis, skin infections, sleep disorders, cataracts and the psychological impact on the sufferer.

Even atopic eczema causes discomfort, while disrupting the appearance to lead to a decrease in self-confidence, for sufferers.

To relieve symptoms or treat it, there are various ways that can be done. Atopic eczema can be treated with self-management, and medical treatment. Own handling, including:

1. Maintain healthy skin

2. Avoiding the trigger factors for atopic eczema

3. Controlling stress

While if medical treatment is carried out, patients can be given the right medicines to treat atopic eczema.

In addition to getting medication from the medical, patients can also undergo therapy that can improve the skin, relieve symptoms and reduce the stress of sufferers. The treatment of atopic eczema primarily aims to relieve symptoms that appear.

There are many ways that can be used to relieve symptoms of atopic eczema, ranging from self-care at home to drug administration. Usually medical will determine the handling method that is suitable for the patient's condition.

While during the treatment period, patients are advised to maintain healthy skin while avoiding factors that can trigger or worsen the condition.

Avoiding trigger factors can be done by changing soap, using skin moisturizer after bathing, or not using clothing material that can cause a rash.

Handling symptoms can also be done by administering drugs in the form of topping, drinking, or injecting. Dermatologist (Dermatologist), usually will prescribe medication according to the symptoms experienced by the sufferer. The examples of drugs given include:

1. Corticosteroids
- For example methylprednisolone. This drug is used to relieve inflammation.

2. Tacrolimus.
- This drug is used to relieve symptoms of itching while repairing damaged skin.

3. Antibiotics.
- Like amoxicilin and ciprofloxacin. This drug is used to treat bacterial infections as a result of continuing to scratch.

In addition to drug administration, relieving symptoms of atopic eczema can also be done with therapy, such as:

1. Bandage therapy.

In this therapy, the problem area of the skin will be applied with corticosteroid drugs, then wrapped with wet bandages. This therapy is done to treat atopic eczema which is classified as severe and requires hospitalization.

2. Light therapy.

This therapy uses special light that is exposed to the patient's body to relieve the symptoms that appear. Light therapy is done when topical drugs cannot treat atopic eczema.

Despite its effectiveness, light therapy has harmful side effects. Therefore, treatment of atopic eczema with this therapy is not recommended for children and infants.

3. Consultation.

One of the factors predicted to trigger and worsen the symptoms of atopic eczema, is stress. With consultation, a psychologist (psychiatrist) can help sufferers to deal with stress.

For the treatment of symptoms of atopic eczema can take a long time. The process can take place in several months or even years.

To help with the recovery of the condition, sufferers can perform simple home care that is classified as simple, namely:

1. Bandage the area of the skin with problems with a bandage to protect the skin.

2. Take a warm shower, but don't overheat.

3. Choose soap without perfume, and coloring.

4. Use air moisturizer at home.

5. Choose clothes that are soft and cool to use.

6. Control the stress that appears.

Self-care at home, can also be done by using skin moisturizing products or taking itchy relievers.

However, it would be better if consulted in advance with experts (Doctors). Because, it is feared for the use of drugs or skin products, it actually worsens the condition of the patient at this time.


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