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3 Steemit Tips to Get the Most Vote and Followers

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 15, 2019 | Monday, April 15, 2019

Too many users are still confused, how to succeed in Steemit. Some of the reasons for this are probably still confused, especially how to make a post to be liked by the reader.

There are many reasons and aspects that are usually used by users to increase votes and followers. One of them is Steemit tricks and tips that are rarely noticed by others, a way to get a lot of votes and new followers.

How to successfully attract followers and increase votes ...?. Steemit will not be separated from the style of language, the delivery style is straightforward and easy to understand by many people.

And the literature that you make can make other people interested and see it as something very important. Every written media depends on the style of language we make.

Steemit Tips & Tricks

Steemit users currently focus mostly on income rather than content. Actually this method is not much different from the free blog that is inserted into the ad.

In calculation, it could be that the revenue from the coin is the same as the free blog income. It's just that there are differences between ordinary blogs and Steemit.

This application does look the same as other blog applications, but in terms of storage, Steemit will never disappear. As long as the node operates, so long as you post it is read publicly.

What is the easiest, most simple way to succeed in Steemit ...?. Here are some Steemit tricks and tips that can be used as a guide to get a lot of votes and followers:

1. History and a Note

Steemit is not only a place to mine cryptocurrency STEEM, but also as an extraordinary record that will not be lost from Earth.

Along the online node, all posts in it will still be read by others. Some people think brilliantly, making Steemit a historical record for their grandchildren.

"This is your ancestor who is not outdated and has left a message to my descendants ...!". Just think of the language like that, but the point is to make a message that is far more important than a normal blog. The content included in it is usually very useful for others. For example lab testing or creative ideas, telling certain events, and others.

Why posts on Steemit are very helpful in historical writing ...?. In the Steemit menu, the Delete or delete menu is not provided, so all posts are permanent.

But the Edit menu is provided, so users can delete some parts that are considered unnecessary. "We will never know, whether the record 3 months ago will be important at this time. But when something you write becomes trending, your posts will be ranked first in the search engine. This starts, reap the seeds of new readers and users in the future".

2. Education & Content

Most Steem users don't create quality content, only focus on the income they will get.

Creating quality content does not have to be at length and does not need to copy paste from other websites. The copy paste you write will backfire and you can embarrass yourself.

Posting on Steemit is quite easy, as is the case on Facebook social media. It doesn't need to be lengthy, but it can make other people amazed by the content you express.

Make quality posts and teach others, then other people will judge and how many votes will be obtained.

3. Debates & Conversations Must Be Built

Responding to other people's responses is very important to increase followers, so it was impressed that the Steemit that was built had a large community.

Then, how do you make a post an arena of conversation and debate ...?. Select posts that we can really understand the meaning, or in accordance with the fields we are interested in.

Steemit tips and tricks like this are far more qualified than imitating other people's posts or on the same topic. Almost the same as the restaurant waiter, we must be willing to answer various visitor questions.

This method is also done in other users' Steemit posts, making a conversation that also adds ideas to the shortcomings in the article.

Completing other people's posts will grow your follower's trust in you. And you can get more voting than article voting.

Third Steemit tricks and tips can produce positive turning points for Steemit users. This is very effective, it makes no difference from posting on Facebook or blog.

You still have to make quality content so that other people can appreciate it more. Indirectly, coin Steem will come by itself. Good luck, and good luck ..

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