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3 Great discoveries in the world that experts cannot explain

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

They are researchers and inventors, never tired of looking for historical relics, which might be able to tell a new story, to be a lesson for people in the world.

But sometimes, their discoveries cannot be explained, even by the inventor himself. It took longer, for them to be able to analyze and look for precise explanations regarding the discovery.

And the following are 3 facts of a mysterious discovery, which the inventors themselves cannot even explain:

1. Utah (United States), Winchester Rifle

You can imagine, a Winchester type machine gun has never been touched for more than a century, even though it has perched on a trunk in a tree.

The weapon, found in the Great Basin National Park. In the 18th century, the area was indeed filled with traps like mines.

However, people, especially the inventor of the weapon, were confused as to why the rifle had not been touched, even though the Winchester ink rifle was 100 years old perched at its place.

2. Mexico, Man of La Venta

Some archaeologists, are studying a large stone head in La Venta, Mexico. 17 large stone heads were discovered at that time, and many questions arose, why could people of that era be able to make such a large and heavy statue ...?

Whereas in the past, the tools they used were not as sophisticated as they are today ...?. Then how could they bring the material ...?

3. Colombia, Mummy in San Bernardo

Many tourists who finally came to San Bernardo, Colombia, after an event of flooding a cemetery and mummies appeared.

Where at that time, in 1957 mummies were found in the coffin. Strangely, the mummies were accidentally made mummy, but naturally.

Many people believe, before they died, they had a diet where they ate chayote fruit. But this does not explain, why can the mummies be worn neat clothes ...?. The question is, are there people who intentionally put on these clothes ...

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