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3 Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies to Be Lucky

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 01, 2019 | Monday, April 01, 2019

The number of Bitcoin traders and investors has increased significantly in recent years. They try to make a profit in this turbulent market.

Traders and investors use various types of strategies to succeed. like these 3 strategies:

1. Use Strategy Hold.

This is one of the easiest ways to trade Bitcoin. This Hodl strategy requires skills or no experience in trading. The only thing you need is money and patience. Long-term Hodl strategies are reliable in the past and many investors think that this one will provide good results in the future.

Why is Hodl ...?, this is misspelling the word Hold. the word appeared in 2013 when Bitcoin fell and a drunk trader posted his comments on Bitcointalk. Then, Hodl became popular and was widely used by many traders.

What's the main idea of this strategy and why do I like it more than others ...?, you don't need technical analysis knowledge at all. The only important thing is to monitor the price of digital assets (Bitcoin in this case).

To be more useful, I use fundamental analysis too, which means I follow all the important news and make my own analysis thinking about how they can affect the crypto market. What are those events and why do they affect the price of Bitcoin?

2. Follow The Latest News About Bitcoin

There are several other important events that I will explain here. Some data may be expected or not expected. Being a professional FX trader, I know and understand that the news that is expected in the cryptocurrency community is something very rare. There is no special event calendar that you can open on Monday, for example, and see that there are some important data on Thursday.

When I trade FX currency pairs, I often use calendars like that because I want to know what events might affect the market for a week. How ever, for Bitcoin, there are no such calendars at all meaning almost no events can be expected or predicted in advance except those that are widely discussed by the community.

Other important event groups related to the policy on cryptocurrency and all Blockchain technology. To be honest, Blockchain adoption is far from fast. How ever, I can see that we have made great progress in this field compared to previous years. The situation with cryptocurrency is much more difficult because it is banned in many countries where blockchain technology has been adopted.

Let's take the example of China. blockchain is considered a very promising technology by local governments, but they are fighting against ICO, TGE, and cryptos in general.

How to generate profit trading news..?. This Bitcoin trading strategy is real when important events occur. all you need is experience and patience. This strategy is not hodl, but it's close to it because you can buy Bitcoin, for example, and hold it for a long time.

That's how every Bitcoin trading strategy is based on the principle of supply and demand which means the price of the cryptocurrency depends on the two basic parameters. When demand is higher than supply, Bitcoin grows. Otherwise, the main cryptocurrency drops down. When supply and demand are the same, prices stand somewhere without significant changes.

The news is one of the main price drivers ...!, They may be positive or negative. Depending on the nature, the price of Bitcoin can grow or decrease. one of the most influential events is a fork. When that happens, the decline in the price of the coin and there is nothing strange here because the experts and holders are also divided by the fork.

3. Technical analysis of Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading is very popular nowadays and many investors try their best to make money. Bitcoin is very unstable and allows for significant profits for everyone. However, before you start trading in this cryptocurrency, you need to calculate your risk as well.

Personally, I prefer the technical analysis of trading, because hodling is a long-term strategy, which freezes money with unspecified results. You understand friends...

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