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100% Free, Here's How to Invest Bitcoin Without Capital

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 14, 2019 | Sunday, April 14, 2019

Some humans are inhabited, feeling unsure about investing in digital currency or bitcoin. Indeed, the crypto market is full of fundamentals that cannot be predicted, it can drop dramatically in a day that makes us lose money.

However, many people began to switch to the long-term system. If you are still unsure about starting a crypto business, you should try another way, namely to get profit from bitcoin without capital.

How is it possible to profit from bitcoin without capital, even though crypto is bought with fiat money. Anything can happen in this world, we only need a strategy that is truly 100 percent pure without even spending $ 1.

Tricks like this are not known to many people, but for those who are 'smart' start here and generally succeed.

# Investing in Bitcoin without Capital

There are some people assessing how to get bitcoin without capital is impossible. Actually it is not impossible, this is truly real and has proven thousands of people who are now hunting for free bitcoin. How to...?. Here are some steps that can be applied to test this theory:

# Finding Free Bitcoin

The first step to do is to hunt for free bitcoin. There are a number of websites that have for years been trusted to pay users with bitcoin. Some of them are:

Dtorm Play, this application can be downloaded through the Android and iPhone paly store. Free Bitcoin and Altcoin can be obtained from here.


Electroneum, this application is crypto mining or mining cryptocurrency through cellphones. The results can be exchanged into bitcoin, this application can be downloaded through the play store.

Bitcoin miner application that is installed on a laptop or PC, can generate bitcoin. This application does not need to be online all day, just use it every time you are using a laptop, like Minergate.

Bitcoin can be obtained every 60 minutes on a free website. Can be accessed through the cell phone browser, so whenever and wherever can get free bitcoin as long as it is connected to the internet, namely Freebitcoin.

Collect all bitcoins and altcoins from all the trusted sources above. In a month, this income can double. The way is to follow the next step, namely altcoin investment.

# Altcoin Investment

Getting the benefits of bitcoin without capital can already be started when you have managed to collect coins from the free application. This step is one of the fastest ways to make bitcoin multiply.

There is one crypto exchange that currently supports the purchase of cheap altcoins with bitcoin. Namely buying ICO tokens to support the implementation of long-term projects.

Mercatox is a crypto exchange that serves a minimum deposit transaction of 0,0001 BTC. This number can be used to buy one of the hundreds of cheap tokens ranging from 0.000001 BTC.

Usually this price can be found on a new ICO, buy and save in a few weeks. Cheap coins like this are the fastest rising prices, even reaching more than 100 percent in a month.

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It should be noted that before buying tokens, there are many ICOs that do not go according to plan. ICO is almost the same as buying IPO shares, we participate in supporting their projects. If successful, the price will rise quickly. So, learn first about the Whitepaper from the token that will be purchased.

Investment in cryptocurrency should be in the long run. Most cases, investing in the short term will actually make you lose.

Keep not selling within a few months, when the price of bitcoin rises, the price of the token will also go up. To register on the crypto exchange is very easy and without cost, register to Mercatox right now.

# Exchange Altcoin into Bitcoin

The final step, when the purchased tokens have jumped. We recommend selling or exchanging to bitcoin (BTC). However, the price of BTC is a determinant of the decline in altcoins.

Even though on the Mercatox exchange there is an Ether exchange (ETH) provided, but if the bitcoin price rises it generally impacts the ETH price which immediately drops.

The more like that the three steps above are 100 percent pure reaching bitcoin without capital with an investment system. This is not just a theory, even we and thousands of others have proven the truth.

What is needed in the first point is patience, because it takes a long time to collect free bitcoin. If you are impatient, invest with a minimum of $ 100then buy bitcoin and altcoin on the cryptographic exchange for long-term investment. And the end of the language of the author, I hope you are inspired...

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