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Halving Day Bitcoin In 2020, Oscar Darmawan & Gabriel Rey Are Sure the Bitcoin Price Reaches US $ 20,000

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, March 16, 2019 | Saturday, March 16, 2019

The discussion about the 2020 Bitcoin Daying Day which is able to accelerate the price of Bitcoin, is increasingly prominent among crypto activists. After the Indodax Boss, Oscar Darmawan said yesterday, convinced that Bitcoin prices rose like Halving Day in 2016, the same thing was also conveyed by Gabriel Rey, CEO of the crypto exchange Triv.co.id and Tpro.co.id.

To one of the bitcoin players today (03/16) via his Telegram, Rey believes the bullish trend of Bitcoin will occur through the price of US $ 20,000 / BTC which was previously formed in mid-December 2017. This is the peak price of Bitcoin since its appearance in early 2009. I predict, if Bitcoin in 2020 can rise above US $ 6,000, then bullish will occur targeting US $ 25,000. Because, fundamentally Bitcoin is getting stronger, such as the presence of Fidelity Digital Asset, Lightning Network, Bakkt and many more. If there is a FOMO (Fear of Missing Opportunity), it will be greater than FOMO in 2017. Moreover, Bitcoin users are now much more ". Said Rey, who has been in the Bitcoin world since 2014

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But Rey reminded that the bearish Bitcoin opportunity is still large this year if Bitcoin is still below the level of US $ 6,000. However, break out will occur if it penetrates that level.

Responding to Thomas Lee's statement from Fundstrat Global Advisors, which said the Bitcoin turning point will start 6 months from now, Rey did not argue. "Historically Bitcoin has always entered the bull market in August or September. and usually before Halving Day (in 2020), prices will start price in. If later we see that in August or September Bitcoin starts to break the US $ 6,000 mark, then the bull market will start ". Rey said

Safe at US $ 6 thousand to Bitcoin investors, Rey suggested buying Bitcoin when the price was above US $ 6,000. "I suggest, if you want to be safe, buy Bitcoin when the price is above US $ 6,000. However, for those who are risk takers, if they want entry now it is also not a problem, yet the price has dropped 90 percent. Even if it goes down again, at most +5 percent (to 95 percent). But this is accompanied by greater capital gains ". Add him

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Celebrating Halving Day.

The term Halving Day is actually not new and not on the Bitcoin blockchain. Halving Day is also on a number of blockchain that hold the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm. Follow the historical pattern of increasing Bitcoin past, indeed after or before Halving Day, the price of Bitcoin rose high. The third halving day is expected to fall in May 2020.

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