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Youth Smart From East Success Works For Google

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, May 13, 2018 | Sunday, May 13, 2018

Google is the largest search engine in the world, because its greatness is certainly not many people can work at Google, a company that has very high standards in terms of employee recruitment.

Another case with this clever young boy, the clap is worth addressing to Hamdanil Rasyid, a youth from Pekanbaru city, Riau province, Indonesia (East) who works at Google headquarters in Mountain View, USA (West).

Quoted from detik.com who meet Hamdanil at the Google I / O 2018. Hamdanil came wearing bikes, white shirts and jeans. Free only, because it works on Google there are not many rules about clothes.

Still from detik.com alert, he told his stories and experiences. Hamdanil has been working at Google for quite a while and enjoying until now. "Almost 5 years working here I am now in payments teambuy something on Google's pay tuh user, well that makes the payment system of my team. "He said

He added, google continues to increase its Project, including a new country where the product is launched. "The project is changing, because Google's product adds upalso if there is a new country where the product is launched. "Add Hamdanil who previously worked at a company in Singapore this - detik.com

Basically like the field of programming, Hamdanil feels unencumbered working on Google because it fits the field. Besides, working on Google is a casual but serious term. "It's nice in this area, and the good thing about Google is its management system is relaxed, not too organized, what your objective model is, about when it's over, who needs to collaboratewant to come at what time, how it works how, whose cooperation is not dimasalahin. So we are more independent. "Light he was

Google Sign In Is Not Easy.

As already mentioned, many want to work on Google, which is very little accepted. said Hamdanil, the selection is so tight and the exam is very difficult. "If in the field of IT, their interviews are quite strict, so like the lesson algorithm, lesson structure in that lecture he would ask a very difficult questionso when I want the interview it feels like going to a test again. The term is like a semester exam with the highest level. "The story of Hamdanil detik.com

Given the level of difficulty, Hamdanil is very serious when preparing for Google's entrance exams. The result is satisfactory, he can be one of the few Indonesian people who work at Google. "So I learn first, every weekend I borrow books for learning, because if not so can not be answered". Add Hamdanil

Daily, Hamdanil went back to the Google office mostly using bicycles. Or if the car is not jammed. Once a year, do not forget he returned to Indonesia to meet his family.

Usually during Play Day Moslem, he takes a leave of absence for about a month. He is also preparing to run the fast in the United States lasted long enough. That is about 16 hours. Success continues, Hamdanil.

Thus one of the smart young people from Indonesia who worked on the company google. Once again, google is a giant search engine company in the unparalleled world, not easy to work for the company. For that we are proud of google, and we are proud of Hamdanil.

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