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Your Nature Can Be Read Through Hand Grip, Number 2 Very Good

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, May 19, 2018 | Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gestures tell a lot about yourself unknowingly. How to close hands like this shows your various traits or personality, such as how to relate to others, and how to handle it.

Fist movement or often called boxing, is usually done when in situations of stress, frustration, annoyance or so on, and it's normal and it also tells your personality.

Here are 3 fists that show your nature or personality:

1.First form.
People who clench their hands like this first form, they are type of intuition and imagination. He has a sense of humor that draws everyone's attention, so that's why they are always surrounded by many people.

Your kindness makes people want to use it, but you are good at seeing who is sincere and not. When they fall in love they feel less, because it is very quiet. Although love is something important, they do not prioritize it because there is a dream being pursued.

2. Second Form.
Finger's mother is on top of the other four fingers, indicating people see you as a friendly, easy to make others believe in your charisma and talents.

These people are amazed and respectful to you for being intelligent, generous, having an impressive, flexible and caring personality, because you treat others according to the situation. But you tend to be a person who is afraid of being hurt by being sensitive and kind.

By having this fist, you have a very high expectation but for fear of losing, you dare not take the risk.

In the matter of romance, you are hard to let go of the past, because fear of opening the heart to be loved by others. Therefore, you show others as a person who is not interested in the affairs of romance.

3. Third Forms.
If your fist or fist shape is like picture number 3, that is where the thumb is under all fingers, indicating other people see you as being creative and intelligent. Art is more suited to you because it shows sensitivity, talent, and expression.

You are a very calm and wise person, at the same time prefer silence before hurt others. With this fist, you are sociable and free-spirited, and have some quality friends.

When you fall in love, you choose a quiet relationship without problems and can be free and relaxed. But once uncomfortable, you choose to avoid because it does not like to hurt others, you are also a forgiving person and quickly forget some things.

That's the nature and your personality that can be read with a fist, hopefully the number 2 is on you. Hopefully useful, good work and successful greetings always ...

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