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This is the 6 countries that you never know the same

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 17, 2018 | Thursday, May 17, 2018

According to data from the United Nations (UN), there are currently 193 countries worldwide.

But wait, that number is actually uncertain because the only recorded countries that are incorporated with the world's institutions.

So is there any country that has not joined the UN ...?, The answer is still there. The following 6 countries that you may never know because rarely published. The 6 countries are:

1. Transnitria.
This is a country still thick with the times of the cold war in Europe. The country located in the eastern part of Maldowa is actually often a prima donna for tourists. Transnitria country does offer a very beautiful scenery.

Can be spelled Transnitria is very synonymous with the Soviet Union, proved up to now the currency until the system of government was still embraced Soviet-style government. Although actually Transnitria has been independent since 1990.

2. Seborga.
The country is within the state ... ?, yes ... that is what describes this Country of Seborga, a sovereign country whose territory is within the power of Italy.

Seborga is a country whose territory is very small and has only about 400 people. But make no mistake other than the Vatican, Seborga became one of the oldest countries in Europe and the world.

3. Abkhazia.
Have you ever heard of the name of the Abkhazian state ... ?, this country in Georgia is very rarely known, but in fact Abkhazia belongs to a country with a long history. The country is only slightly smaller than Scotland.

4. Freetown Christianian.
Hearing his name alone you might suspect that this is just a town with a small population.

Indeed Freetown Christianian looks nothing like the country. But in fact this Freetown Christianian has declared independence and escaped from Denmark. Unique indeed, let alone the population looks more like a camp than a country.

But it turns out that it is quite historic for Freetown Christianian citizens, the article of their country used to be an army barracks often used by addicts to gather.

Until eventually they somehow founded the state and declared independence. No less unique, in this country it is not allowed the inhabitants to own a motor vehicle or other property, and they also legalize illegal drugs.

5. Republic of Artsakh.
This one country certainly no less foreign ears you not ...?, we understand because the Republic of Artsakh who was known by the name of Nagorno Karabakh is indeed very estranged.

Formerly Nagorno Karabakh is still part of Armenia in Azerbajian. But when the Soviet Union collapsed the local government decided to secede.

6. The Sahara Arab Democratic Republic.
This country is also often called a mysterious country, but that is only because this country is very rarely mentioned.

The Sahara Arab Democratic republic or abbreviated SADR is a small country located in the western part of the Sahara desert.

A country also often called Western Sahara has actually declared its independence since February 27, 1976, but until now the government of Saharan Arab alone can only control 20 percent of its territory. The other 80 percent is controlled by Morocco.

So the information that has been admin explain this, hopefully can be useful in adding our insight together, safe activity and hopefully healthy always ...

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