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The 9 Most Mysterious Languages In The World That You Did not Know

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, May 13, 2018 | Sunday, May 13, 2018

Humans over the face of this earth are increasingly developing language, scripts, and new writing systems to communicate.

Various ancient languages such as Chinese, Korean, Sansakerta, Tamil, Greek, Egyptian, Arabic, Persian and Hebrew have evolved steadily over the centuries.

Maybe in some places there is another language that has become extinct. In the meantime, there are also some mysterious languages missing, even there is also a very difficult language because it has to decode, or can not be classified.

But for this time Hanny or Melissa will give you a list of 9 amazing ancient languages including mysteries around the world. Here's the list of languages:

1. Epi Language - Olmec.
The Isthmian script is probably the mysterious Epi-Olmec cultural writing system. The American Meso script dated around 500 BC to 500 AD is also known as the La Mojarra script and the Epi-Olmec manuscript.

The language script is similar to the Maya script. In 1993, two epigrafers, John Justeson and Terrence Kaufman, published a partial decomposition of the Isthmian text. This Isthmian manuscript decomposition system was made void by Stephen D. Houston and Michael D. Coe who failed to implement the decomposition.

Because of this dispute, the language remains unproven, unknown, and mysterious. Further discoveries about the remnants of this language can help researchers to solve it.

2. Elam Language, Iran.
Elam is the ancient language of the Elamites of Iran. The language was once spoken from 2800 to 550 BC. No language link can be found about Elam. This language is difficult to understand and interpret.

The two previous scripts from the area, Proto Elamite and Linear Elamite have not been translated yet. Proto Elamite is largely regarded as logographic, while Linear Elamite only exists in a short time.

3. Old Rapa Nui, Easter Island.
Rapa Nui is the mother tongue spoken on Rapa Nui Island or known as Easter Island. This is an extinct language of Eastern Polynesia.

Rongo rongo is a manuscript found on Easter Island in the 19th century. It is believed that Rongorong is an illegible manuscript and uses the old Rapa Nui language.

The manuscript was so mysterious. the origin of the language, the language family, the culture behind the language and its meaning is still unknown to the world. This language may have begun since the 12th century.

4. Minoa language, Crete.
The Minoan language belongs to the Minoan civilization written with Cretan hieroglyphs. Not many know the Minoan language.

Until recently, the language remains unclassified and remains the mystery behind the Minoan civilization.

This language can start from 2,600 to 1,100 BC. This language may be derived from one of the earliest known civilizations in Europe.

Eteocretan is another language that may be derived from the Minoan language. This language appears 1,000 years after the Minoanese language exists.

This language is also a mystery. Due to difficulties in translating it, it is not certain what the relationship between Eteocretan and Minoan is.

5.Iberian, French and Spanish.
This mysterious language of the Iberian Peninsula is known as the Iberian language that has existed around the 7th and 1st centuries BC.

According to Greek and Roman sources living in the eastern and southeastern regions, this language is spoken by the people there. In the 1st to 2nd century AD, the language was slowly replaced by Latin. Iberia can not be classified, but has been described to various extents.

The language itself is largely unknown. Some links to other languages such as Basque have been put forward. but none of those claims and links have shown satisfaction.

6. Ancient Zhangzhung, Central Asia.
The Ancient Zhangzhung language is another mysterious language incorporated in the Sino-Tibetan language family. Zhang-Zhung's language was once spoken in what is now known as Western Tibet.

Some documents from Dunhuang contain an unknown language, referred to as Zhangzhung Lama. But, this identification is controversial. There is not much documentation about this enigmatic language.

7. Nam, Central Asia.
Nam is included in the Sino-Tibetan language family. Researchers can never describe the language stored in Tibetan transcriptions in a number of Dunhuang manuscript fragments.

The language probably entered at the beginning of the 5th century until the beginning of the 11th century. This language is maintained in the British Library and Bibliotheque Nationale de France.

8. Picene North Language, Italian
North Picene is one of the most mysterious languages coming from Europe. This ancient language is most likely spoken in the middle east of Italy. Not much is known about this language. Surprisingly, some of the letters look like Latin letters.

9. Harappan, India / Pakistan
The language of Harappan is also known as Mohenjo-Daro or Indus language. Language and family origin not found until now.

This language comes from the Harappan Silver Age civilization or the Indus Valley Civilization. Harappan may come from 3,500 - 1,900 BC.

There are several hypotheses explaining this unknown nature of the subject. some examples of scripts, coins, and inscriptions related to the language of Harappan were discovered by archaeologists. Nevertheless, these discoveries can not be read today. So the discussion of these 9 mysterious languages, may be useful for us all ...

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