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Satelite slider was born in the 70 s

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 | Tuesday, May 15, 2018

So far we may imagine, if it has a very high ability, let alone the equivalent ability of one of the satellite from Indonesia.

But if we possess it, it may be that within us to grow the seeds of crime or evil, therefore there will be so much chaos as a result of the misuse of God-given grace.

Lucky the ability is only Jim Geovedi the owner, if he wants maybe any time he can peek other people's accounts, steal data bank transaction traffic, corporate financial statements or even observe the country's defense system in the world.

With the background that had become a child of the street, stigma hackers badung, rogue, especially criminals must be directly pinned on him. Luckily Jim is not part of the social stigma. World hacking digelutinya precisely with the purpose of providing benefits for others. "I am including the person who is grateful for what I have. I do not have excessive interest in matter. "He said

After completing his studies at High School level, Jim was actually accepted at a state college. it's just that the lecture is quite short lived, not more than three months. The reason is because of the absence of fees, let alone he had just left by his parents who died.

Jim seemed to lose everything. To survive, he chose to live the hard life of the road by profession as a graphic artist in the province of Lampung. "I just focus on the pain, the only real thing for me, I was born as a natural procrastinator...". He said

So he described, who was born in the world and lived a hard life, as he wrote in his personal website and reported by Men's Obsession. Jim procrastination, is a behavior in psychology where one prefers to do fun and postpone the important thing.

He also claimed to be a heavy smoker who never tried to quit, had no sense of humor and could suddenly be sarcastic. Jim even admitted clever to make trouble, likes to pretend to be a genius. and capable of being a bad influence on the weak souls. I enjoy watching others in safe distance ... Sometimes I enjoy the moment of insulting their intelligence ... I'm hard to integrate with others".He wrote

From the description of his life journey above, it is clear that the ability that Jim now has is not from the lecture bench. Jim had never before received a formal education in computer.

Surety of destiny outlined by god was the one who brought him acquainted with the internet world. He is a minister who introduced computers and internet to him when Jim was still struggling in the street life.

The opportunity he used to learn self-taught in earnest. Jim capture the science of the world's hackers through chat, He felt again the passion of life in the community, even motivated to become a hacker.

His knowledge in terms of programming is growing rapidly. One thing that becomes the attraction and focus of attention is the world of information securities. For two years he did his research and his hard efforts made his name more and more counted in the underground securities community.

Jim's success step, he naturally taps and gratitude. His community in underground securities environment slowly make it as a speaker at various information technology seminars.

Sharing knowledge is the ultimate goal. He proved, the knowledge and the ability of hacking was very useful and promising if used properly. In 2001, Jim founded C2PRO Consulting, a general IT consulting firm for government agencies.

Three years later, precisely in 2004, Jim founded and operated the IT security consulting firm Bellua Asia Pacific which changed its name to Xynexis International. In the same year he founded the Noosc Global Security Services Company.

Capacity of its ability to be tested when asked to dismantle the identity of the perpetrators of the polling station of the election vote data of the General Election Commission in 2004.

The result Jim managed to find out the identity of the hacker named Dani Firmansyah A.K.A Xnuxer, and serve as information for the Cyber Crime Unit Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation Polda Metro Jaya while arresting the hacker on 24 April 2004 then.

Jim who was born in 1979 province Lampung, then transformed as a hacker with a global reputation. Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Torino, to Krakow are the cities visited in his capacity as speakers at international hacker meetings.

Especially after he prove able to hack the satellite, the name is more fragrant. His community in the internet world is also that then took him away from Indonesia.

Since 2012, Jim has decided to move to London and set up an information technology systems security services company. He handles clients who need security services for satellite systems, banking and telecommunications. May be useful...

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