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In addition to working for file transfers, 6 benefits of Wifi is definitely a lot of you do not know

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 17, 2018 | Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wifi is not unfamiliar in the ears of the virtual world users, because this facility can be used and found almost in every center of the crowd.

The existence of Wifi much sought after because of its benefits that can save internet quota and save battery. Especially if the available Wifi has a very tight connection.

Of course you would think if Wifi can only be used to get free internet access is not ...?, whereas Wifi has a lot of functions that can be utilized in addition to get free internet access. What are those ...?

The following admin explanation about the function and benefits of wifi that can be used:

1. Can Be Used for File Transfer.
When you want to transfer data from Smartphone to Laptop or PC, surely you need the existence of data cable. But by using Wifi you can transfer data more easily and quickly.

You need Xender which is a file transfer application on smartphone. Only need to use wifi network, you can transfer from smartphone to laptop or PC.

2. Become a Modem.
The benefits of this one, you can use to help friends who do not have data packets to access the internet. Smartphones have Teathering capabilities that allow you to turn them into Wifi modems. Time to use the above, make sure you have an abundance of internet quota.

3. Connecting Smartphone with DSLR Camera.
Currently there are several DSLR camera brands that allow you to save and edit photos directly on your smartphone. In addition, you can also control the camera directly from the existing smartphone.

4. Connect Smartphone with Printer.
This modern age is already existing printer models that have been equipped with Wifi. The presence of Wifi allows you to print various documents and photos that are in the smartphone directly through the printer. And you do not need to use cables to print documents.

5. Smartphone Can Be Used As Mouse Or Keyboard.
Mouse and keyboard are 2 PC components that are needed to facilitate your task through laptop. Problems arise when the two components above are damaged and can not be used.

There is an alternative way that can be used that is with application of Intel Remote Keyboard in smartphone. And you only need a Wifi network to turn your smartphone into a mouse and keyboard.

6. Can Be Connected With Various Devices.
If you have Smartwatch, Smartband and Smarthome, then you can connect the various devices to the smartphone via Wifi network.

Then, the existing Wifi can be used as a liaison between smartphone devices with various devices you have. If you have OSMO, you can use Wifi to connect OSMO while taking photos or recording video. This way will make it easier for you because no longer need to use a cable to connect OSMO.

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