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If you are a chicken breeder, give this medicine if you want to succeed

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, May 11, 2018 | Friday, May 11, 2018

Livestock fat and healthy is the pride of the breeders, therefore many farmers do various ways so that the cattle they manage to grow fat and healthy, of course we are talking about this kind of livestock poultry or chicken.

In fattening livestock, especially chicken, here are some ways that can be said to be very effective to do.

Certainly what things need to be done so that the cattle become fat and awake from various diseases ...?, of course here will be explained to help the process of growing livestock to produce immediately.

Here are tips for super chicken can eat greedily:

1. Choose the type of feed with good quality.

If our chicken will be harvested, then choose the broiler concentrate. And if the eggs are harvested, then choose laying concentrates.

For corn feed, try yellow corn types, because yellow corn has higher vitamins and minerals than white corn. Next to add protein levels, may we add it with fish meal.

Then for additional food give also the dregs or the rest of the rice mill, and do not forget to choose the remaining rice millers choose a still smooth, new and good.

The composition of a balanced and relative food, meaning that if usual provide a mixture of food with a concentrate composition of 20%, 40% Corn, 40% fine grain remainder, next day try to give it with the dosage of the composition, except in cold regions of carbohydrate contentand proteins need to be elevated composition.

2. Add vegetables or leaves to the chicken feed.

Leaves are commonly added to the feed of papaya leaves, spinach, cassava, and gotu kola. Then add also meeting ireng, meeting key, and turmeric. Even the remains of vegetables such as cabbage leaves or mustard greens are also very useful. These vegetables will add vitamins, minerals and improve the digestion of chickens.

As for the way of giving, better leaves / meeting-findings are sliced and then boiled or it could also be stabbed raw. If boiled then boiled water is given to chicken drinks, while the leaves of the stew mixed with chicken feed.

With the use of vegetable ingredients above, we no longer need to buy vitamins for chicken from chemicals that are sold in many feed stores.

Then to give additional food, give a varied addition, this is especially for chicken breeders. Usually the addition of raw cassava / boiled can also be, or sweet potatoes and even taro.

This one should really be considered, do not forget to periodically give the worm medicine in the chicken. Give the worm drug 2 - 3 months depending on the state of the chicken. Papaya leaf and meeting ireng which is boiled then boiled water be taken care of to the chicken is also good to increase appetite.

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