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Friday 13th Day is believed to be the Sacred Day, It Occurs in France, USA, England and Russia (Moscow)

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, May 11, 2018 | Friday, May 11, 2018

Mystery related number 13 is considered sacred, has now been believed by many people in the world. Then no wonder, if the number 13 is always equated with the mystical thing, often even shown in a horror movie.

Another story that is not much different is Friday. Similar to the number 13, Friday is also always associated with horror things. When combined on Friday and 13 then regarded as the day was not good and scary.

How can it be like that...?. Similarly, the reasons which led to the emergence of the sacred story of the number 13. The History page says, the cause of Friday being a sacred day is also believed to be related to the tradition of Christians.

That is, Jesus was crucified on Friday. In addition, Eve persuaded Adam to eat the khuldi fruit which caused them to be sentenced down to earth on Friday. Then, Cain killed his brother Abel on Friday. But the mystical side of Fridays is going to get more if it falls on the 13th.

Although statistically, it is nothing more than an empty story. But history records, that a lot of terrible things happened on Friday that fell on the 13th.

Here's a series of horrific events in history, which happened on Friday and coincides on the 13th:

1. Friday 13 October 1307.
Friday 13 October 1307, the French king collected and tortured thousands of Templar Knights for being perverted. Many suspect that this event which started on Friday the 13th became a frightening day.

2. Friday 13 November 1829.
Ten thousand people gathered to watch Sam Patch jump from the Genesee Falls building to the Genesee River in New York. A few weeks earlier, he jumped from Niagara Falls and successfully completed the action successfully. Unfortunately, Friday's action failed.

3. Friday 13 July 1951.
After days of torrential downpours in the northeast part of Kansas, rivers overflowed and swept away houses in Topeka, Lawrence, and Manhattan.

4. Friday 13 October 1972.
A plane crashed in the Andes mountains. Twelve people died instantly. Some survivors are forced to become cannibals to survive. Then in Russia On the same day, one hundred and seventy-four people were killed when a Russian plane crashed on landing near Moscow.

5. Friday 13 July 1979.
bob Renphrey a man from North Wales decided to stay in bed every Friday the 13th day because of a series of bad luck he suffered on that unlucky day. E was traumatized because every Friday on the 13th he suffered bad luck like walking through a plate glass door, being fired, and his wife being hospitalized for beating his head with a cane originally for his dog. Then on Friday the 13th of the other, his wife died of falling from a ladder.

6. Friday 13 August 2010.
A 13-year-old boy in Suffolk, England, was struck by lightning. The lightning strikes at 1:13 or 13:13 if calculated based on a 24 hour time system. Miraculously, the boy survived unscathed.

7. Friday 13 October 2016.
Nearly half a million people lost property when the town of Buffalo, New York, and surrounding areas were buried under snow with a thickness of 55.9 centimeters to 61 centimeters. A pile of snow is not a strange thing in western New York, but with a thickness of more than 50 centimeters is certainly not a natural thing, is not it .

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