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Do you know ... where is Earth Spaces Disposal ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, May 18, 2018 | Friday, May 18, 2018

The extent of the surface of the earth, it is not all inhabited by humans.

Where among the earth's surface there are still remnants of uninhabited aliases uninhabited. And one place is known as Point Nemo.

Point Nemo is not an island, but Point Nemo is the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the South.

Uniquely while at Point Nemo, the tourists must remain on board. Because, in Point Nemo referred to there is no land to trace the legs because the whole watery.

The land closest to Point Nemo, is Maher Island in Antarctica. Then, Ducie Island which is part of the Pitcairn Islands. then Motu Nui, which became a part of the Easter archipelago.

For the third mileage of the island to Point Nemo which is about 2688 kilometers. Meanwhile, if passing Auckland in New Zealand, the travel time is about 2778 kilometers. Then for Itajai in Brazil, the distance is even further than Auckland and Itajai which is about 3978 kilometers.

While at Point Nemo, all humans in the area will be closer to the international space station. And the distance from Point Nemo to the international space station is only about 400 kilometers.

All astronauts and people who work in space agencies already know about Point Nemo. Even the space agencies Japan, Russia, Europe already from that time using Point Nemo as a space bin. This means that the space junk belonging to the three institutions is dumped at Point Nemo.

You need to know, Point Nemo is the most distant place with humans. Besides being far from humans, Point Nemo is also rarely passed by the cruise ships. So, the space junk dumped there will not hurt humans.

Some experts also mention, if at Point Nemo there is little life. This is because, the wind that blows very little, so that the food brought by the wind was only a little. Experts also say that the only living thing that is there is just bacteria.

These bacteria get food from chemicals that come from volcanic eruptions under the sea. So the article about a little information Point Nemo which is the most deserted place on Earth, hopefully this article can add insight and your experience.

If you have other important information about Point Nemo, please comment on this column below, and comment wisely. Hopefully useful, and good work ...

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