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Danger ..., If This Data You Let Is On Facebook

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, May 20, 2018 | Sunday, May 20, 2018

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media in the world, as well as having billions of users. However, you should begin to be careful about entering personal information into your Facebook account.

The recent case of Cambridge Analytica has led many users to begin questioning the role and honesty of Facebook in maintaining the confidentiality of their data.

In fact, there are certain information that should not be shared on Facebook. So far you know the appeal not to enter the home address or mobile phone number into account.

If you're not sure anymore with the honesty up in keeping your personal data, then it's time to delete or adjust some important information that we already share in the social media made by Mark Zuckerberg's.

This technique will not delete your account on Facebook, but at least minimize adverse events that may befall you or loved ones around.

What information should be removed ...? Here's what you should delete:

1. Date of Birth.
Date of birth is one important part that usually contains the name and place of birth (live). With birth date, irresponsible people can easily access your bank account and personal data.

2. Phone Number.
After getting the phone number, irresponsible people will try to contact you by pretending wrong number. They will usually try to continue the conversation to get your name and address

3. Current Location.
location services are only uplifted with Android and iOS systems. By 2015, TechCrunch reports that more than 500 million users access Facebook only from their phones, meaning that the same number has the potential to broadcast their location online. Anyone who may have malicious intent will know the location of the user.

4. Unify Personal Account and Work.
Facebook is a social media platform, and to some extent the interaction you do should be relaxed. But company managers may access your timeline or read statuses that should not be read by them. Especially until the manager reads the status of you who complain about the job.

5. Giving a Location Mark.
Many forget that marking the location of your home or your presence on Facebook is just giving your address with pleasure and without guilt.

6. Relationship Status.
Should not need to celebrate the status of kamh relationship on Facebook. Kamj quite celebrate in the real world. It's more fun and valuable than writing it on Facebook. This can bring harm or invite others to feel jealous that will ruin the newly blossomed kamj relationship.

7. Credit Card Data.
It is clear that it is not recommended to store credit card data on Facebook, although the reason for it is easy to remember when going shopping for live copy and paste.

8. Photo Air Ticket.
Still like to show off plane tickets for going to Europe or Japan ...? immediately stop this habit.

The barcode on the plane ticket is unique for every passenger. If it turns out that people are not responsible, the barcode can be used to search the information you provide to the airlines.

So a glimpse of the information that needs to be considered to be removed from the facebook account, because information about personal data posted to Facebook, may be very dangerous for yourself either now or in the future. May be useful...

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