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Beware Bumps In The Bones, Could It Be Cancer ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, May 27, 2018 | Sunday, May 27, 2018

Beware of any form of lumps on the part of the body that looks abnormal, one of which bumps on the bone.

A health expert from Indonesia Dr. Ulinta P. Pasaribu, Sp.Rad (K) Onk. Rad, explains if a lump on the bone can be a tumor that turns into bone cancer.

Bone cancer is a type of cancer that attacks bones. Its spread can be all over the bones in the body part. But most often found in the leg bones and arms.

Said the doctor, During this time most adults consider the symptoms of bone pain as arthritis. While bone pain in children is defined as a side effect of growth. Though symptoms like this can be diagnosed bone cancer, especially pain lasts long enough.

Bone cancer is divided into two. There is premier bone cancer originating from the bone of the precursor. And there is bone cancer from bone metastasis, which is bone cancer formed by non-bone cells, but the spread of breast, lung, prostate and other cancers.

Like most cancers, the cause of multifactoral bone cancer. Therefore, until now still in the research stage. It could be due to genetic factors, radiation exposure, previous cancer history, previous trauma history, and others.

Generally, most bone cancer patients do not realize it, until they feel a complaint and bumps appear in the bone, accompanied by pain depending on the type of cancer.

According to him, they just realized there was bone cancer because of falling, then do x-rays accidentally, and seen in the photo that bone irregular.

When the lump appears and grows rapidly, it can be categorized as malignant bone cancer. Other symptoms, the bones become weak and fragile.

Even when it is severe, a mild fall can result in a broken bone. Meanwhile, if the pain is more severe than usual accompanied by pathologic fracture, can be indicated the existence of bone cancer.

Affirmed Dr.Ulinta, the cure of cancer is influenced by many factors. including staging, the general state of the patient, as well as the therapeutic response.

Because although it has been declared cured, but cancer cells can occur metastases (distant spread) either in the lungs or brain.

Similar to most cancers, bone cancer treatment should be known stadium and histology type of patient anatomical pathology. Common bone cancer therapy such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

He mentioned, all the therapy each there is indication. And if the early stage can be surgery, should be operated at once taken only cancer.

How ever, if amputation is necessary, it should be amputation. Therefore must be known as early as possible so as not to attach or spread to other networks.

So little explanation about the emergence of bumps in the bones that must be aware, because who knows it is cancer. Hopefully we are always in good health, and long life ...

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