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A glass of White Water Able to Detect Negative Energy

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 | Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Have you ever felt tired for no reason ...?, or your body condition is often unstable to cause illness ...?

If you ever feel that way, chances are you're being surrounded by negative energy. Although most people do not believe in negative energy, but it is true.

Negative energy is not visible, but it can be felt the impact on one's health and emotional balance. In addition, negative energy is often associated with misfortune.

Unfortunately, you can not completely eliminate the negative energy that surrounds you, but you can reduce it by detecting the presence of negative energy in a very simple way.

And that way you just have to put a glass of clear glass of water under the bed, then leave it overnight. The most important part is to place a glass of water at a hidden angle.

This is done so that no one to move and change the position of the glass tersbut. in the morning, try to check and see if the glass of water looks cloudy or bubbly.

If the water is cloudy or bubbly, it can be ascertained that negative energy has been absorbed in it. Then the question, why should wear a glass of water ... ?.

According to research, water was included a major element that is able to absorb negative energy and even eliminate it. 

So when it will start sleeping tonight, make sure you have put a glass of water under your bed. Good luck and hopefully healthy always ...

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