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Start From Satellite Slider To Make Fuss Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 27, 2018 | Friday, April 27, 2018

You believe it or not, the Indonesian hackers are very feared the world. It has not counted how many sites successfully hacked by this Indonesian hacker.

In the eyes of the world, Indonesia Hacker known dangerous and will not hesitate to conduct cybercrime behavior to break into the system or steal data. The homeland hackers are also not just hacking sites within the country only.

Various other state-owned sites had been the victims of hackers Indonesia Homeland. So What makes Hacker Indonesia so feared world ...?. See the following facts that have been summarized from the source.

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Can be said that Indonesia has human resources who are really good at and experts in various fields. And the Indonesian homeland hackers who were secured several times later were the youth and students.

With high level of expertise, they are capable of destroying any desired website and website. Not just countless times the hackers who arrested the authorities.

(ID-SIRTII) Rudi Lumanto said that Indonesia ranks first with a percentage of 38% as the country with the most number of hackers followed by China, the United States, Taiwan, Turkey, and Indonesia, India and Russia. Of the many hackers, there are also self-taught without studying in college, and one of the most phenomenal Indonesian hacker is Jim Geovedi.

Not just hacking, it can even change the direction or shift the position of the satellite as it wishes, so that its ability has been recognized internationally. Himself but only learn self-taught without college, imagine how great if He got to college.

Then there is also the Sultan of Haikal, his name was viral a few years ago. He is a 19 year old junior graduate hacker, he managed to hack ticket.com site that resulted in losses of 4.1 billion.


In addition, Indonesian homeland hackers have also recognized other countries in terms of hacking sites and websites of other countries. Countless how many sites ever hacked by Indonesian hackers. even the official site of BTS, boy band from Korea also ever been hacked by hackers Indonesia in 2017 ago. Then, at SEA Games 2017, Indonesian hackers attacked several Malaysian sites due to an upside flag incident.

The latest is a hacking case conducted by three Indonesian students. Quoted from TribunJakarta.com, the students majoring in information technology is destroying the electronic system of the City Government of Los Angeles (LA), United States.

According to evidence held by investigators, the suspects have attacked 3,000 electronic systems in several countries, namely Thailand, Australia, Turkey, UAE, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Bulgaria, Czech, Taiwan, China, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Côte d'Ivoire, South Korea, Cillie, Colombia, India ,Singapore, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Iran, Nigeria, Russia, New Zealand, Romania, Uruguay, Belgium, Hongkong, Albania, Dubai, Vietnam, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Slovenia, caribian, Moroccan, and Lebanese.

The hackers' actions turned out to make the FBI so troublesome to handle it, and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) supplied the data to the Cyber Police Task Force of Metro Jaya to capture all three within a period of at least two months.

Actually hackers are also human, they do may have a base because of hurt, disappointed and annoyed with the target so do so. even if they have made a mistake, the main solution is to nurture it to goodness, certainly if they are fostered will have a positive impact for us all, especially for those concerned. Hopefully useful and a lesson for us in the future. Happy working...


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