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Simple, Your Blood Sugar Can Be Regulated By The Next 3 Steps ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, April 12, 2018 | Thursday, April 12, 2018

In medical science, the presence of sugar or glucose in the blood is called blood sugar. Normal blood sugar levels in the body are important for the performance and health of the body.

But different stories if levels are too high or low. Blood levels that are too high or low can have adverse effects both in the short term and long term.

Your blood sugar level is said to be too high if it exceeds 200 mg / dL. In medical science, too high blood sugar levels are called hyperglycemia.

This condition occurs when the body does not have enough insulin or due to insulin resistance, a hormone released by the pancreas. Insulin works to spread the sugar in the blood to all body cells in order to be processed into energy.

Most of these conditions experienced by diabetics who can not lead a healthy lifestyle, such as eating too much, lack of exercise, or forget to take diabetes or insulin drugs.

A normal person who does not have diabetes can also develop hyperglycemia, especially if he is suffering from severe illness. Your signs have too high blood sugar levels are tired body, crazy appetite, decreased body weight, frequent thirst, and frequent urination.

If your blood sugar levels exceed 350 mg / dL, the symptoms you will feel like anxiety, decreased awareness, deep thirst, unclear vision, and dizziness.

Changes in skin conditions can also be seen, such as reddening, drying, and feeling hot. Of course this is very dangerous for our health. Moreover, the current diabetes is not only experienced by patients aged 40 years and over. Already many cases are reported, diabetes affects patients aged under 40 years.

So how to treat it...?.
Foods that contain high amounts of sugar, in the long run can increase the risk of developing serious illnesses, including diabetes, breast cancer, and coronary heart disease.

When we eat sugar, the body will turn it into energy. How ever, a high sugar intake will cause the build up of sugar in the blood.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to control sugar intake. Here's a simple and easy way to regulate blood sugar levels and protect your self from a number of serious health conditions as quoted from Home Healthy Style.

Day 1.

A cup of oatmeal with grains, almonds or berries or 3 scrambled eggs.

Cup of walnut.

Boiled chicken breast and a serving of pumpkin seeds, almonds or cooked peas.

Mushrooms and grilled fish or salmon with broccoli.

Day 2

Just like the first day.

A cup of hazelnut.

Zukini with peppercorn sauce and lemon.

Nuts, cooked or baked vegetables, and toast.

Day 3

Just like the first day.

A cup of hazelnut.

Grilled chicken breast with lemon or chicken sauce baked in an oven with black olive oil, thyme and onion.

Soup with onions or pasta with basil, mushrooms and tomato sauce (Meat can be added). Then you are also advised to consume water, tea or coffee without sugar on a regular basis.

Such is the simple way to regulate your blood sugar, hopefully this article useful, and we are always given unparalleled health. Good luck...

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