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May 2017 is an important history for companies engaged in Banking or Financial Services

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 27, 2018 | Friday, April 27, 2018

Maybe you already know, Malware is made in such a way as to host a file or device that is Ransomware.

Meanwhile, WannaCrypt or WannaCry is one type of Ransomware is very simple, but dangerous.

The events of last week (12/5) should be an important history for all companies engaged in Banking or Financial Services, given that consumers 'or customers' habits are undergoing significant changes to the digital era and technology.

This is because Ransomware is thought to be one form of virus attacks in cyberspace that will continue to survive in 2017.

Based on data sources in 2017, at least Seventy Seven% of Ransomware attacks lies in the area of Government about 19%, Health as much as 15%, Business services to 28%, and other fields or services with a range of 15%.

As for the source of phishing attacks that comes from France about 5%, Netherlands at least 38%, and USA with the largest range reached 41%.

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Research results say, the rise of the Internet of Things by China who forget the cyber security because constrained language, can be sure to be the cause.

Then an increase in pirated software and simple passwords, also adds security vulnerabilities. And over 25% of the billions of attacks that were detected, attacked via Microsoft Internet Explorer, Flash Player (Adobe), Microsoft Silver Light, and Java technologies.

Ransomeware can also be said to be a small program, which is not seen quickly, so the netters are believed to ignore its presence.

And ransomware program that can infect your computer files through the opening of links that are not normal, even can also infect through links that other netters shared to you either through chat or other.

Hacking most of the world in 2017 is Ransomware, this hacker is desperate because of openly asking for payment to the victim who was infected by him, until the victim must send Bitcoin to the hacker.

Conversely if not meet the demand for Bitcoin delivery, then the important data owned by you will disappear. Therefore, you are diligent to back up important files so as not to disappear in the future.

For you to understand, Ransomware there are 2 types, including Crypto and Locker. Furthermore Ransomware type Crypto is a very dangerous.

While if only Locker, He just locks you from the file by adding a password that is only known to implement Ransomeware.

But because of technological sophistication, key reseting can be done by giving researchers the keyword to access the files you have.

Unlike the Crypto type, your files are not only locked but encrypted with programs known only to Ransomware actors.

Even if you are able to open it, all files owned will not be useful because it is encrypted into unknown data. For that to not experience as happened on Friday last week (12/5), it's good you do anticipation.

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The techniques to anticipate the subject is in the following ways:

1. Respond.
Reassure yourself to have a backup plan in case of hacking attacks. Make sure you know what to do in the event of an attack, including who to contact, how to talk when an attack occurs, specify the characteristics, when and how the event is considered complete.

Next, document everything that happens including your efforts, what kind of security efforts have been taken, the remedial efforts, and the last attempt to restore the whole as it once was.

2. Detect.
Always detect your network from activities that will threaten. Place logger, where logger will record all activity in network that you have.

And if there is something suspicious, you immediately act before this ransomware in activation.

Although currently there is an automatic device to detect Ransomware and Malware, it's good you also control manually and periodically.

That's because, forecast development of Ransomware with high digital technology can trick the security system you place.

3. Recognize.
The type of Ransomware that you have to recognize, so later on when you feel the abnormal access to files, then you can work with positive action.

Analysts say hackers will always update Ransomware owned by it, including how to enable Ransomware in question.

But if you feel too difficult, immediately find a friend who can take care of it.

4. Prevent.
The purpose of Ransomware attacks is important files that you have, for it's good you also have a backup of your files separately or in other places.

You do not assume the file is secure even if stored in Cloud, because anything you can open, it can also be opened by Ransomware implementer.

Then do as often as possible to backup backup in other places. The more important the file, the more you should also use anti-malware or anti-virus that is always updated and updated.

So much the better if you also use a technological science expert in handling the security of your business files, so that can open has keterbatasa to open the file.

It should be understood, the threat in cyberspace continues to grow rapidly and always looking for a difficult way to anticipate.

Including Ransomware also will not disappear, but can become increasingly sophisticated and even difficult to overcome.

The pattern of spreading also ensured will continue to spread, as long as the infected subject and continue to pay, the hacker will attempt to spread it.

For that one way to survive from Ransomware attacks is to accept the fact, and say that netter must live with Ransomware.

Then so that losses are not enlarged, the best you should do is to make sure the important files are safe in place, then the risk and anticipation plan should be worth it, and not to stop learning cyber security.

And lastly provide education about cybercrime awareness, to the environment of the company you lead.

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