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Do not Do 3 Things If Your Intimate Organs Do not Want to Be Healthy

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 08, 2018 | Sunday, April 08, 2018

All our organs either from head to toe, have their own functions. Although their abilities and functions are different, all organs are interconnected and must be maintained.

Keeping the organs themselves need special knowledge, because not all organs can be treated equally. Among them, there are organs of the body that must be treated with care and care, like an intimate organ.

The intimate organ is one of the vital organs for everyone, especially women. Because, the organ has a sacred function for the life of women.

So, love your sex or vaginal organs by not doing things that harm. So, what are the things that harm your sex organs ...?

Here are 3 things that are harmful to your sex organs as a woman:

Masturbation is indeed a controversial thing. But you need to know, masturbation is the act of inserting certain objects in your vagina.

The object can be a vibrator, toy rubber, to objects that do not make sense (fruits). Do you know, if on these objects there are thousands and even millions of germs that nest.

If the germs get in and eventually multiply, then your sex organs will get infections that are quite alarming.

2. Use Antiseptics.
often women use medicinal fluids or antiseptics to clean the vagina. They believe if the fluid is effective to provide good effects for sex organs.

This is true, but if too often use antiseptic is also not good. Because, inside the vagina terdapa two types of bacteria, ie good bacteria and evil.

With too often use antiseptic, then good bacteria in the vagina will get killed that could be bad for your sex organs.

3. Rarely Changing Clothes.
Be diligent woman to wash. Because, most cases occur in sex organs because women are lazy to wash clothes, especially underwear.

You need to know, when it's all day long, millions of bacteria and germs stick to your clothes. Especially if you sweat, then it is not good for vaginal health.

If you are lazy to change clothes, then 90 percent chance your vagina will get infected and mold. Okay everything, already know the meaning of health for your vagina. Do not forget always keep your vaginal health for your beloved husband ...

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