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2 Successful Bloggers, One Income Almost 1 Million US Dollars

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 03, 2018 | Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Believe it or not believe it, someone just running a blog is able to generate extraordinary income.

But that's what happened, maybe the world has a lot to note how the newborn billionaire from the internet, be it because the application and businessmen.

A few years ago or rather in 2014, many new bloggers were born into a rich man. Of the many money-changers from the internet, there is one person who attracts attention, and He is Pat Flynn from Southern California.

Pat Flynn has long been famous in the internet world.

The father of two children has started his online business career since 2008. He used to be just an architecture, but because of the crisis hit the United States in 2008, he lost a lot of income and he started running a business on the internet.

The history of Pat Flynn's journey, basically has inspired many bloggers all over the world. Where Pat Flynn is able to make all circles of bloggers stunned with a fantastic income to almost reach 1 million in the currency of USA.

Pat Flynn does have a habit of showing income on his blog. He details every income he gets from his internet business trip. And that makes stunned among the bloggers, namely because of the most income from affiliate products.

Pat Flynn in the year 2014, earning the greatest income throughout his career became a full time blogger. Indeed of the many Pat Flynn not only from one blog he runs, but there are many. From some blogs that run Pat Flynn, here are those who have the greatest income that is:

Product Sales: Income $ 39,411.24

SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com :
From the Google Adsense program: $ 31,782.99, From Job Board: $ 1,148.43, From Affiliate Program: $ 731.09, Total: $ 33,662.51

From the Google Adsense program: $ 819.14, Results of eBook sales (How to Start a Food Truck): $ 10,045.60, Total: $ 10,864.74 (See more at Here).

The total income of Pat in 2014 then almost reached 1 Million Dollar or $ 946,265.23. Surely the income is not a small figure for an income from the blog.

In addition to Pat Flynn, who actually has the largest income in 2014 and also achieved by Matthew Woodward. But the American man is only making money from a blog that runs on it. And just in December 2014, he earned $ 35,000.

Among Pat Flynn or Matt, both do not earn that much in a short time. Both have pioneered their respective blogs for a long time, and in the end they both produce with fantastic dollar value.

Actually, this is a reprimand for us all the bloggers. Dreaming of earning as much as possible is a natural thing, but without effort and consistency it means tantamount to a slacker who imagines high levels.

In conclusion, start for those who have not done it, and continue for those who have started it. So little inspiration, hopefully in the future we can all be successful like Pat Flynn and Matt. Happy working...

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