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WiFi Free ..., Beware The Danger of Stalking You

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, March 26, 2018 | Monday, March 26, 2018

The development of technology makes people as if can not escape from the use of the Internet for everyday purposes.

Good just to send emails, social media, to online buying transactions, the Internet is like a major need.

no wonder, when now a number of public spaces are equipped with free wifi facilities for visitors. This of course facilitates some people.

However, with all the ease, a number of dangers will lurk if the user is not careful.

here are 5 dangerous conditions that are rarely realized lurking free WiFi users:

1. Easy Data Stolen.
Many users of mobile devices are not aware when accessing the internet via unknown WiFi network vulnerable hacking. 

Theft process occurs when connecting a smartphone or laptop with WiFi. Hackers are able to find loopholes through connections connected with WiFi.

2. Easy to get infected with virus.
In addition to data and information easily stolen, other dangers that lurk your device is a virus infection like malware. 

In addition to potentially giving hackers access to steal data, the offender can also record sound and know your movements.

3. Spied on.
Continuing the above points, malware-infected devices can be the target actors who spy on user activities.

Not only that, the perpetrator can also "record" a variety of things that users do, ranging from typing on the keyboard to up to access any site page.

4. Disruptive Pop-up Ads.
When accessing the Wifi service, it is very common to encounter the device screen full of ads. not just once, users are often flooded with pop-up ads that appear when accessing the internet.

Indirectly it disturbs the convenience of access. In addition, pop-up ads are also vulnerable to storing traps. in fact, many of these ads have the potential to save viruses or malicious software that interfere with the security of your data, software, and devices.

5. Social media accounts or emails are easy to hijack.
An unknown person can easily hijack your account. not only that, hackers can also use your data for irresponsible things such as cheating people, taking money from your digital online account, and other actions. Hopefully useful for you ...

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