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Perhaps WhatsApp You Are Bugged, Try Look here...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 | Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Better watch out for not being a victim of the contents of whatsApp message you are known to others.

Today the admin will unlock the secrets of knowing WhatsApp is tapped, the way that this admin will be shared is very easy.

As a messaging app, WhatsApp is an app that is important and contains a lot of privacy because it contains messages that only users know and not for other people to eat.

However, the technological sophistication and resourcefulness of hackers creates many loopholes that allow WhatsApp to get hacked. For that, today I will tell you how to know WhatsApp is tapped.

The easiest way to find out WhatsApp you're tapped on

Of course you do not want to be a victim of wiretapping including all messages in WhatsApp that is personal so the consumption of others.

Here are two ways of knowing WhatsApp is tapped easily:

1. Chats Read Automatically.
The first way to find out is to realize there is one strange thing going on in your WhatsApp account.

Have you ever encountered a chat that has been opened alias read but you feel have not or never open even read the chat?

It is one of the characteristics WhatsApp you have been tapped into. In other words, there are people who open and read the chat.

That means other people who may be irresponsible parties already have access to your WhatsApp account.

2. On Other Devices.
WhatsApp tapped features can also be seen from your active WhatsApp account on other devices other than your smartphone or gadget. How to know if it is tapped ie:
  • Open your WhatsApp app - Click the three dot icon at the top right.
  • Select the WhatsApp Web option.
  • Any information on your WhatsApp account that is active on other devices will appear.
  • How to overcome
If you already know WhatsApp is active on other devices you do not use, you can immediately disable it in the following way:
  • Select the option "Log out from all computers".
  • Select Log Out - WhatsApp account you will automatically exit from the devices on the list.
So two ways to know WhatsApp is tapped by others or not. Again admin alert to always be vigilant and keep all the important information that is on the smartphone, including WhatsApp.

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