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Like This Characteristic Your Facebook Account Tapped Others.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, March 23, 2018 | Friday, March 23, 2018

Facebook today is the most popular social media among the public, whether it is the bottom of society to the public among the political elite must know.

Not only the most popular, Facebook also from the past until now still remains one of the storage media album memories.

But who does not get annoyed when the most popular social media accounts among the public, as well as the storage of your memories files tapped by others, especially if in your facebook account store many personal things in it that is not for public consumption, would be annoyed not when the incident happened. ..?

Therefore to prevent your facebook account intercepted by others, you should regularly check regularly. You should do it to make sure your Facebook account is safe or not ... !!!

Characteristics Your Facebook Account Has Been Tapped Into Others.

Hackster or other prankster, usually log into your Facebook account to monitor files and their contents. From there, they can take a peek at the data and get the personal information needed to commit you, even further they can blackmail you by asking for some money rewards.

As for the characteristics if your Facebook account has been intercepted among others, that can be seen from your Log In location, and how to see it are:
  • Please go to Settings menu on your Facebook account.
  • Next, please select the Security menu in Settings menu view.
  • In the Security Settings menu, select the Where You're Logged In option.
  • When that option you choose, will display a list of devices ever and is being used to access your Facebook account.
How to Stop Straightening Your Facebook Account Has Been Tapped.

If it turns out there is a strange location on facebook account that you have never access before, it could be your Facebook account is being tapped or spied on.

To stop your Facebook account being bugged by this unknown person, the way is quite easy, ie you just press the End All Activity button.

As for how it is, it is appropriate to stop wiretapping in progress on your facebook account. Admin message, do periodically things above so that your facebook account is protected from tapping.

Thus the admin writings about the characteristics of your facebook account intercepted by others.

Admin also in this article has provided a solution to overcome facebook account that intercepted by others, the way it works is also.

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