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If 12 Signs Are There ...?, Means Your Android Virus Infected.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, March 11, 2018 | Sunday, March 11, 2018

Have you ever experienced an oddity on a smartphone ....?. Experiencing a very large and sustained ad attacks, of course your smartphone battery will quickly run out even often occur lag, and freeze while using a smartphone ... ?.

Strong suspicion, the smartphone you have already been the victim of cyber crime, this is because it has been affected or infected with a virus in the form of Mobile Malware.

Therefore, to address this often happens, the author tried to explain 9 Your Android Signs Impact Virus. Let's read more admin article to find out .... !!!


1. Can not Use Search Feature.
This is the most important sign for smartphones that have been attacked by malware or adware. Malware or Adware causes the search feature completely inaccessible, not even able to respond when we use.

The solution you can use Malware Removal Tools or do a master reset to mengembalikkannya as before.

2. The Message (SMS) Not Expected.
If your smartphone can send SMS or make calls yourself, then you should be careful when using a smartphone.

It could be your smartphone has been hacked, this way is called the "Phishing". Hackers usually use that method to trap and get the most important information from you.

3. Malware Redirect.
When you're surfing in the virtual world using a smartphone, then pop-up ads will lead you to one website on an ongoing basis.

So be careful, because it is one sign that the smartphone you are using has an app that causes adware to work.

4. The presence of useless ads.
At the time of your smartphone often bring ads, most likely already affected "Bug". The reason these ads appear is as a door for hackers to access your smartphone data you have. 

Furthermore, if you intentionally or do not click the ads referred, then that's where the hackers are messing up your data.

5. Social Media Adsense.
When you use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media, then often appear ads on a continuous basis, it can be said that your smartphone infected AdWare.

Because, in general social media does not show too many ads. Usually this one virus you get after downloading an application that has no source of clarity.

6. Weak Smartphone Battery.
Do you often experience a smartphone running out of battery suddenly ..?. Usually it happens because of Malware or Bug. This one malware will disguise as one of the programs that move in Background.

It meant causing the processor and RAM on the smartphone to work for the virus, and it would happen as long as the virus was on your smartphone, causing a decline in battery life in the smartphone.


7. Lagging or Freezing.
When using it everyday, your smartphone sometimes becomes unresponsive, slow, even to experience freezing. If such a thing often happens, it should be suspicious that the cause is a virus.

This virus will provide access to third parties to hack your smartphone that causes the smartphone often experience lag, even freezing. Such viruses usually infect the smartphone when downloading applications that do not have clarity.

8. Unclear Use of Internet Data.
If you feel the data quota is reduced without logic, or some applications that never used suddenly even become the main source of the use of data quota.

This means it can be concluded that the smartphone has been infected with one of the malware.

9. Often Closes Phone Calls Suddenly.
Network factors are often the cause of interruptions when calling. But it should be suspected if this happens continuously even in the network situation is not problem at all, meaning we can conclude that the smartphone you have allegedly infected with malware.

10. Applications Not Downloaded Always Shown.
If on the main screen your smartphone suddenly appears an application that you never downloaded, this could be due to the existence of malware or adware.

To avoid that you should disable the "Download from Unknown Sources" feature in the security menu. When there are unusual applications always present in your smartphone, immediately uninstall the application that often appear.

11. Boot Time.
You feel the process of rebooting a smartphone to be longer than usual, it is allegedly that your smartphone is attacked by malware.

Overcome that, how to do a master reset, then you will restore the smartphone from malware, then when it is done you can reboot as usual.

12. Bluetooth Off Alone.
This usually happens because of a corrupted O.S Android file. As you must know is one of the causes can be malware malware that is able to hack as well as damage various files on your smartphone.

One solution to fix that is by doing a master reset. In addition, you can also avoid it by installing anti-malware programs, and the most important is to do the scanning periodically or at least 3 days.

Such is information about Android Signs that have Been Infected or Impacted Viruses. So that's the author's message to you all, try to always check the security of smartphones on a regular basis, it also affects the convenience of using your smartphone. Hopefully Useful .....

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