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For Young People, Understand It Before Saving In Bank

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, March 29, 2018 | Thursday, March 29, 2018

In this modern age everyone wants something easy and practical. Technological and scientific advancements are increasing so many new findings can facilitate human work. One example is the existence of Bank.

First people still keep the money under the bed, in the closet and so on, but with the existence of the Bank all changed. Now everyone wants to save money or save directly to the Bank, without having to be confused to find a safe and secure place.

Even they are prestigious when they do not have an ATM (Indonesian Language) that shows that he has been saving at the Bank. The development of banks today is increasing, the number of banks in one area can reach dozens, this is what causes everyone to move to the bank to save or save their money

But all that exists in life has its advantages and disadvantages respectively. Saving in the bank also has it superiority and its own weakness. In the following article we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of saving money in the bank.

Benefits of saving at Bank

Got interest.
By saving money in the Bank, we will earn interest every month. Compared with saving in a piggy bank that can not get interest or extra. Interest is what interests customers.

You need to know that the interest we get in our savings is the velocity of customer money and the benefits obtained by the bank. But not all banks have high interest rates, if you are interested in the interest offered then you should be smarter to choose which bank suits you.

Security is assured.
We definitely need a safe place to save our money, bank is the right place for you who want security for your money. In the bank your money will be stored in a place where no party can take and process it except the bank's own employees.

In addition, the Bank also cooperates with the Deposit Insurance Agency that ensures the security of your money stored in the bank. Than you save money at home better keep the money in the bank, because if you save money on home security and safety is not guaranteed. If there is a mistake or if no one is responsible, but if there is something going on or a mistake, the bank is responsible for your money.

Free transactions.
By saving in the bank you will find various features of the transaction and you are also free at any time to transact according to your wishes and your spare time. Starting from saving, withdrawing money, sending money (Transfer), we can do this anytime during bank hours, starting at 08.00 - 15.00.

Other than that when the bank is closed you can, make withdrawal or transfer via ATM, by using this ATM you will be free for 24 hours to make a transaction in the form of withdrawal or transfer.

Easy and practical
By saving or saving in the bank, you will find something simple and practical, just go to the bank and deposit your money, then your money will be saved with extra super security. You do not need to keep your money for 24 hours at home, but you can relax and enjoy, the bank that takes care of and save your money.

Not only that providing ATM even be a help for you. suppose you want to shop for 200 dollars or more an example of buying a car, you do not need to carry that much money, in terms of security is very risky, you just bring your ATM card, and give the seller to take the money in your savings.

Save or save money in the bank there is no time limit, this you can make as long-term savings. As long as we have money and want to save then this will still hold true.

You can not just take any procedures and stuff. In contrast to saving money in the bank when there is a sudden need directly taken, there is nothing directly taken, so your money savings will continue to decrease and your savings will only have a short life.

The weakness of saving in the Bank

Administrative costs.
saving in a bank is the same as we ask for help from others to keep our money. Of course not free, we must give bayran to them, that is in the form of administration cost every month. Each month your balance will be deducted as an administrative payment, whether you are making transactions or penning balance or not you will still be subject to administrative costs.

Your account can also be closed because during that there is no money into your account so that your money runs over time and your account will automatically be closed. Administration fees that you must pay differ according to the bank you choose and the type of savings course.

Difficult to developthe money in your savings or your account will be difficult to add or improve as it is determined by you how often and how much you save in the bank, if you do not save or add balance, then your money will remain as it will even experiencededuction of administrative costs. Different if we invest our money with gold that always experience growth even though we do not do transaction activity.

Little interest.
For those of you who expect to interest a lot, then do not expect to save in your bank will mendaptkannya. The interest given by the bank is only a percentage of approximately 0, ...%.

This is different from the interest you get from investing dollars or gold, which has considerable interest potential.

There is a transaction limit.
There is a cash withdrawal limit at ATM, the maximum is only $ 500 only. So when you are in an emergency and want a lot of money then you will take longer to take the money.

Bank customers are very much, when you will save then you have to prepare to be patient waiting for the queue. This is normal we meet in the bank, so you have to wait for your queue to save.

This article is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of saving in the bank. Although it looks easy and practical to save money in the bank there are also disadvantages.

So for those of you who want to save in the bank do not have to hesitate, but you also have to be careful and prepare yourself in everyday life, especially for young people. Hope can be a solution to the success of all of us ...

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