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Do not Let Weather Bland You, Know This Way...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, March 10, 2018 | Saturday, March 10, 2018

Weather is a phenomenon that occurs on the surface of the earth, usually the weather takes place within a few days.

To start everyday activities, of course you must know the weather information on that day or tomorrow weather, especially for you who have the most activity, especially the outdoor ones.

Of course do not want to be disturbed by erratic weather, not ... !!!. Instead of confused, just take a look at the recommendations of the most acclaimed weather apps in 2018 that I've outlined.

This Android weather app can increase productivity, so you better remember in preparing when the weather is unfriendly.

Among the various applications, which would be your reference ...?.

1. Weather.
With over 10 million downloads, the Weather app gets a pretty good rating on the Google Play Store. In addition, the Android weather application is quite light compared to some other applications. You can find detailed information per week, per day to hourly according to your location at that time. In addition to the smartphone, Weather also supports Android TV.

2. Weather by WeatherBug.
Weather by WeatherBug be the best application through various mainstay feature that you can use. In addition to the information in real time, you can also see the map through 18 animations that can be arranged as needed. With the benefits of features Spark Lighting Alerts, you will get weather notifications, especially in locations prone to lightning strikes guys.

3. Google Now.
Google Now contains all the useful information for smartphone users with the Android operating system, including weather information to accompany your activities. In addition to knowing the weather today in hourly terms, you can also know the weather conditions tomorrow, day after tomorrow, or up to a week to the fore.

4. MSN Weather.
Microsoft does not seem to want to miss in presenting the best weather information for Android users. Through the MSN Weather app, you can find tomorrow's weather information to plan activities. Not only weather and rainfall information, you can also get wind speed, humidity, UV index, and more.


5. AccuWeather.
Of course kalain familiar with this one Android app. AccuWeather became a popular weather app and comes with useful functions with over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. In addition to providing today's weather information, you can also view maps through satellite image animations and videos containing information tailored to where you are.

6. Yahoo Weather.
In addition to an attractive user interface, Yahoo Weather offers a unique experience in using Android weather apps. You swipe down the screen to find out full information and swipe to the left for your favorite location information. Using the surrounding location background, you can also upload your own photos by accessing the www.flickr.com/projectweather page.

7. Weather Signal.
For detailed weather forecasts, you can use the WeatherSignal app developed by OpenSignal.com. You can also easily retrieve data from this application and download it. In this application you can save data with CSV format.

8. Authentic Weather.
Authentic Weather offers a simple user interface and remains informative through weather forecasts provided. The use of simple language makes you more familiar with the weather features of the application.

Even not only know the latest weather updates up to tomorrow, you can also share through the Share feature that you can send to your friends.

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