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The Terrific Game That Will Pay You With The Dollar ($), If It Is Playable.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, February 22, 2018 | Thursday, February 22, 2018

Not a few who thought if just playing games alone can make money. 

Some people would think that making money can only be earned through videos that must be done through third party intermediaries such as You Tube (Making Walk Through or Funny Reaction), Blogger (Making Game Review), or perhaps making Game Tester a profession.

Apart from the entire third party above, it turns out there are cool games out there that really can make money without any intermediaries.

So, by playing it alone you can drain enough funds to your personal account. From the curious, just read it until the end of this paper. Here's the Great Game That Will Really Pay You:

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1. Second Life.
  • Second Life is a MMORPG game that debuted about one ago. The game is not only strong on the side of the community or players, still have the economic value to be able to make money.
  • In this game there is a currency called L $ which can be obtained by doing a variety of light activities, such as sitting in the camp, or create virtual content. Later on, the income earned from Second Life can be exchanged for real money through the Forex Stock Index.
2. Dota 2.
  • Not only Second Life, another game that is Dota 2. And Dota 2 can also be used as a money-making game. Similar to the game built with this Source Engine, Dota 2 has a workshop where items are traded. Later, these items can be purchased by other players then applied into their hero.
  • In addition, DOTA 2 is also an online game with competition worth billions of dollars. As a result, gamers from outside can earn money just by playing this game.
3. Team Fortress 2.
  • Team Fortress 2 is one of Valve's flagship games used to earn revenue. Uniquely, the revenue is meant not only for the valve itself, but also for the player. Just like other online multiplayer games, TF2 also has a buying and selling system of items that can be bought with real money.
  • The good thing is, the item traded in TF2, 90% is the creation of the players. That means, anyone who plays this game can earn real money by creating items, then sell them to other players.

4. Eve Online.
  • Eve Online was not originally a money-making game. But instead, in this game players will be charged a subscription fee of about $ 15 every month to be able to play it. However, in this game there is one technique that can be useful to save the cost of your subscription.
  • As for how to play it, players must purchase an item named Pilot's License Extension (PLEX) with real money. PLEX has several functions, one of which is to add 30 days active into your account. At its best, PLEX can be sold to other players in exchange for the in-game currency, ISK (Inter Stellar Kredits).
5. Entropia Universe.
  • MMORPG game similar to Second Life, where the game can be a money-making place. The game is called Entropia Universe or formerly known as Project Entropia.
  • Unlike Second Life, this game has different game play elements, so it can be categorized as a traditional MMORPG game. The currency in the game is called PED (Project Entropia Dollars) which can be redeemed for real money, as for the exchange rate of 10 PED / 1 Dollar.
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