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Read WhatsApp Message Without Blue Check ... ?, Here's the Technique ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 | Wednesday, February 21, 2018

After being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp is now successfully achieving amazing figures as the world's best messaging app.

To date, WhatsApp has used about 1 billion more users worldwide. Steady is not ... ?, do not be surprised if then when opening WhatsApp, contacts WhatsApp you every day will continue to grow.

Although it continues to grow, apparently WhatsApp does not stop scrolling new features. The new feature that is still warm WhatsApp rolled out is WhatsApp Web, and the status of the message has been read or not yet a blue check mark.

And the following description of how to read WhatsApp without a blue check should be visible:

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For those of you who often use WhatsApp, may have been annoyed because of your privacy to ignore someone's message so threatened. Why not, now people can know you've read the message or not.

Having already got the message sent, the edges, the uneasy feeling of having ignored the message. To get around that, here is a way to hide the status of legible messages in your WhatsApp app, including:

1. Peek from Quick Settings.
  • WhatsApp message comes in from the person you're avoiding ... ?, eg ex-boyfriend, big boss or even someone who is doing promotion. To avoid showing blue markings in messages you read, you can read the incoming messages from Quick Settings only. WhatsApp messages read through Quick Settings or Notification Bar will not show a blue check mark to the sender.

2. Use Widgets.
  • In addition to beautify the look of Android smartphone homescreen, WhatsApp Widget has another function that can be used to read WhatsApp message without the sender. As long as you only read incoming messages on Widgets, the blue check mark on the sender will not appear. However, once you reply, a blue checklist will appear.

3. Airplane Mode.
  • You yourself must be annoyed not ... ?, if the message has been read, but not replied, so surely you will feel neglected. In order for your selfish actions to the message of the person who has been accepted does not hurt his feelings, you can use a simple way without the help of the application.
  • To read the WhatsApp message without giving a blue check on the sender, you can enter Airplane Mode when a message arrives. Then read the message, after reading, you can exit Airplane Mode again. As a result, the chat on the sender will not turn into a blue check mark. Easy is not ...?. But unfortunately this only applies to iPhone users, while in Android has not been applied.
4.Privacy At WhatsApp.
  • If you find it difficult to enter Airplane Mode any chat, you can use other means provided by WhatsApp, by going to WhatsApp settings, then select Account.
  • After entering Account settings, select Privacy, then change the Last seen to Nobody option, and remove the checklist in the Read receipts section. Later each chat that you read will not turn into a blue check mark on the recipient. Unfortunately, this will make you also can not know whether the message has been read by the recipient or not.
5. Use WhatsApp Web.
  • Since its launch late 2015, WhatsApp Web does support many web browsers. One of them is Mozilla Firefox. By utilizing Mozilla's browser, you can hide the blue mark in the chats that are read in WhatsApp. How, install Add-on ShutApp on Mozilla browser you use, and Download ShutApp here. However, this can only be used in the Mozilla browser only.
  • How to use it, click on the WhatsApp icon in the toolbar section to enable ShutApp when you are using WhatsApp Web. Once in the click, you will go directly to WhatsApp Privacy Mode. Click back to end the session if you do not want to hide the read status on the sender of WhatsApp message.
6. Using WhatsApp Plus.
  • Equal to its name, WhatsApp Plus is equipped with a myriad of advantages over WhatsApp Official. One of the interesting features provided by WhatsApp Plus is the ability to hide online status, blue check marks when a message has been read, two check marks when messages are read, and more.
So with WhatsApp Plus, you can hide the readable status in WhatsApp easily. Keep in mind, as admin suggestions do not hide the status of two checklist, because it causes incoming messages to be slow. Easy is not it ...? how to ignore incoming message in whatsapp without blue check mark...!, hopefully usefull ....

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