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In addition to You Tube, Gmail, Chrome, Maps and Drive, These 7 Google Secrets Applications You Need to Know.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, February 22, 2018 | Thursday, February 22, 2018

Some of these apps are You Tube, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, or Drive is an app developed by Google. The five applications above can be said to always be installed and there on every Android-based smartphone.

Do not be surprised, because the Android OS you've been using, also developed by technology companies based in the United States.

Actually in addition to the 5 applications that have been mentioned, Google apparently created some other good applications that are very useful for Android users around the world.

But unfortunately, those apps are not introduced blatantly hidden in the Play Store, rather than curious it's better to just find out the 7 Google Confidential Applications that you do not know, the following apps:


1. Accessibility Center.
  • Accessibility Center may not be useful for people with normal vision. However, this application is very useful for smartphone users who have vision problems.
  • With the on-screen scanning button, people with vision problems can get into the desired application and provide evaluation or suggestions to the application. Later developers can use these inputs to improve their applications for people with similar problems.
2. Google Trips.
  • Once you install this app, your previous and upcoming travel plans will automatically appear on the main page. Google Trips is able to identify emails with travel plans and hotel or restaurant reservations, then place them into a single folder.
  • In addition, Google Trips can also advise on hotels, attractions, to the best flight schedules. Even Information on local currency and nearby hospitals is also available in this application.
3. Trusted Contacts.
  • Trusted Contacts can be said to be a great app for families, especially for parents who are always worried about where their children are going or playing.
  • This app can tell the location of one's smartphone, when and where it will be posted. Unique, this app requires approval from someone who wants to be asked for a location. Means, Trusted Contacts can not be misused for interests that lead to negative or criminal action. Then in addition to Android, the application is also available for iOS.
4. Photo Scan.
  • PhotoScan is the best application to scan and save your old photos. This app is very simple, you just need to position the camera framed your old photo, and it will automatically capture and then save it.
  • In addition, Photo Scan can also make old, obsolete photos clearer and cleaner. Any photo captured by Photo Scan will also automatically be saved in Google Photos.

5. Toontastic 3D.
  • With Toontastic 3D, you can create animated stories using the characters and scenarios that have been provided. This application can also support users who want to learn to create animations to work even further.
  • Toontastic 3D goes into the best alternative app from Google. If you are the type of person who likes animation and want your work known more widely, then this application must be installed on your smartphone.
6. Science Journal.
  • Science Journal is an application capable of recording your observations and experiments around the world. This app is great for kids or teenagers especially who love science.
  • In the Science Journal there is a science experimental toolbar that includes sensors on your smartphone. So the notifications will automatically appear when the sensor on your smartphone catches something.
7. Arts & Culture.
  • Perhaps many people do not have the opportunity to travel around the world, but that does not limit an art lover to see the wonders of art that exist throughout the world. Google brings amazing art from all over the world into an app called Arts & Culture.
  • Not just art like painting or sculpture, this application can also give you information about the history of a country, or the background of world famous artists. For that if you want to know their background, the application must be on your smartphone.
Such is the explanation of the 7 google secret applications that you must know. Those apps are only useful for some people, but there is no harm in you also install on the smartphone that is now being owned. Which 7 apps look interesting to you ...?, Come on ... set your attitude now ...

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