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Hello friends, Title post admin today is really tempting. Hashflare.io is a Cloud Mining company from Estonia, established in 2015 and is part of Hashcoins, a company that focuses on the development of the crypto mining tool.

Cloud Mining itself is a website / company that offers services to embed Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. So what we do is sign up to be a member through the website, buy hashpower contract (Mining speed), and check the mining results through the website.

When we have made a hashspower purchase, it does not mean we just sit quietly monitor and while drinking coffee, we can do a strategy to get profit from hashflare.

And in this article admin will summarize some strategies, this strategy needs to be done let alone hashflare raises the minimum payout to 0.01 BTC.

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1. Overcoming Short Contracts.
  • "Minimum Bitcoin withdrawal amount is 0.0106 BTC", do not know why hashflare raises the minimum payout for bitcoin, of course this is hard to accept by members who buy hashpower a bit. Also with a contract duration of only 1 year we need a special strategy to avoid loss and hashrate does not stop.
How we can do to deal with a short contract:

Purchase a fairly large hashpower at the beginning, and hashpower revenues are bought again hashpower as necessary.

Remember, this is not Reinvest because in hashflare there is Reinvestnya menu. If bro uses Reinvest, then 100% of revenue will be purchased new hashpower.

Buy hashpower by buying regular (Buy Hashrate) because the purchase of hashpower can be with the available balance, buy sufficient from the existing balance. Do this regularly, for those who have a large hashpower can make this purchase once a week. May be fortnightly or once a week adjusted for income (Depending on initial purchase capital)

Example: I bought an initial contract of 1 Th / s, earnings per week can be 0.001 btc. of the income I bought again 30 Gh / s with the cost of 0.0005 btc.

In addition to increasing the speed of mine each week, by buying gh / s, we automatically have a new contract (Not renewing the previous contract). If friends - friends do this on a regular basis, then the contract in hashflare will never run out, because we routinely buy. When one of our contracts is exhausted, another contract is still available. Moreover, the minimum purchase is 1.5 USD only, with 1.5 USD we have got one year contract.

This method is also done so that the speed of mine is not inferior to the level of mining difficulty that continues, so when the level of difficulty increases, we have bought a new hashpower so that our income can be stable, but if the level of difficulty does not change or even easier, of course this will benefit us. please check the graph of mining difficulty level in bitcoinwisdom.

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2. Routine Setting Pools
  • This one way, do regular updates pools to get the best results. No need every day, do setting pools once a week only. Pools themselves can be regarded as a center for mine and solve algorithms to mine bitcoin. The pools used by hashflare are global / common pools shared by multiple miners. Some of the pools used by hashflare include: Antpool, Bw.com, BTCchina, Slush and F2pool.
3. Diligent check "Facebooknya" Hashflare.
  • Why check out his facebook hashflare ..?. Of course we have to update the information from hashflare, because hashflare admin can be said to be diligent update. Hashflare itself sometimes for the promo discount purchase hashpower via facebook when there are certain events such as hallowen or natal, quite could reach 80%. Hashflare will provide a discount code that we can enter when buying hashpower.
  • To enter the code, at the time of buying hashrate search redeem code writing, but sometimes without redeem the hashflare code gives a piece with certain conditions.
4. Actively seek referrals.
  • There are still many who have not done this, but the way is quite simple, we just spread the link and invite relatives or friends to join hashflare, we will get 10% commission purchase hashpower, rather to add balance.
  • To get our affiliate url link, please go to referrals menu and select tools on hashflare. then select the table code, if the code does not exist, select Add new code. Then spread the code link to our friends through social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and others.
5. Estimated Time Behind Capital.
  • Do not let us have issued capital, but the capital is not behind in one year. Most hashflare miners pay less attention to this, whereas hashflare provides daily earnings data in USD.
  • For example, the admin has 1.04 Th / s, the average income per day in Dollars is 2 USD, The capital that the admin previously spent to pay for hashflare is 120 USD (in bitcoin), so it is expected to return capital in 120/2 = 60 day course or about 2 months. While the remaining 10 months is our profit.
  • Important: Income per day depends on the amount of Gh / s purchased, and the level of difficulty mine is changing. So pay attention to all this ..., hopefully useful ...

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