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Google is a multinational company in the United States that operates in the field of Internet services and products. They include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising.

But most of the profits come from Ad Words. Google was founded by two people who both study at Stanford University, United States.

Initially, they both always disagree and very contrary in opinion and various topics of conversation.

However, who would have guessed from the discrepancies between the founders in the previous time to fruition with the establishment of a giant company like today.

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In fact most likely nobody thought of the collaboration of both, they managed to create a search engine on the internet which is now a general guide and the main place in seeking information.

Unfortunately, the successes of both Stanford University students in establishing the company must meet the obstacles that should not be encountered today.

Because without the largest search engine company, of course we will not know what is the meaning of the word internet and executor.

How not, google we should sflat instead going on the opposite, where google companies are prosecuted by unscrupulous people who can not appreciate the difficulty of doing this search engine discovery, because things are not too complicated that can be resolved by deliberation and consensus without the occurrence of fine - fine.

Speaking of fines related to google companies, it happened in two regions namely in India and Europe. Where in the State of India imposed a fine of 1.36 billion rupees or approximately IDR 286 billion because it is considered to abuse its dominance.

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Later in Europe in 2017, Google was fined € 2.4 billion or worth 40 trillion. This is based on a national online media alerts in Indonesia that the author of quotation, following the quotation of the news:

The Government of India, precisely the Competition Commission of India (CCI), fined Google for 1.36 billion rupees (IDR 286 billion) for misusing its dominance.

This is due to the biased search results shown in Google search engine. One example of this is Google is directing users searching for flight tickets to Google's flight search pages.

The 1.36 billion rupee fine is equivalent to 5% of Google's annual revenue in India. Although it seems that the fine will not have much impact for the technology giant company, as quoted detikINET, Saturday (10/2).

Especially when compared to fines imposed to Google by the European Commission related to similar problems in Europe in 2017 ago. Google was subject to a penalty of 2.4 billion euros or worth Rp 40 trillion.

CCI, an antitrust commission in India, in its 190-page report found that Google has abused its dominant position, and it is harmful to both competitors and Google users.

"Google exploits its dominance in the market for general web searches online to strengthen its position in the market for online syndicate search services," the CCI said in a statement.

All of this originated from a lawsuit filed in 2012 by a search for a mate in India named Bharat Matrimony, who was accompanied by a consumer protection group.

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So we re-report again about the case of the company against google, hopefully in the future google we should sflat no longer be prosecuted by parties from any country, because without the company google not necessarily we know the term internet or cyberspace. Good luck always make Larry Page & Serger Brin (Google).

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