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Easy Technique to Know Computer or Laptop Hacked

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, February 17, 2018 | Saturday, February 17, 2018

Have you heard of a hack case ... ?. Most likely you remember with Yahoo sites, Pornhub, or other popular sites that have been hacked by cyber criminals.

Certainly a small number of these sites suffered certain losses caused by the hackers.Can be imagined if your computer or laptop hacked someone.

The hacker may pick up important data or do things that harm the victim.

You definitely want to keep data safe ... ?, but if you want the data is safe, the thing that must be known is how to know the computer or laptop that is being hacked ... ?.


For the full answer is on Terry Cutler's YouTube channel, but here certainly we will discuss a bit about it, let's read next below:

1. Quick Launch Toolbals
  • To hack computers, hackers have to install certain software on your computer without realizing it, and the software icon will be in the quick launch toolbars. If you have a good antivirus, then there will be a notification about illegal programs running, so you are very helpful to expel the program.
  • But if there is no notification, you should check in the quick launch toolbars. If you find an unknown icon, make a quick search on Google to find out what the icon is, or if you have a friend who understands the IT field, maybe you can ask at once to ask for an explanation.
2. Command Prompt / CMD.
  • For a more complete explanation, you can watch the video on Terry Cutler Channel.
3. Task Manager.
  • When you open Task Manager then click on the Processes tab. Pay attention to CPU Usage, if your computer or laptop is not running software but on CPU Usage shows a high percentage, it means there is a suspicious thing is running.
  • So, how to know when your laptop is hacked, simple right ... ?. So if you suspect that the laptop is being hacked, use the above methods as has just explained this. Hopefully useful, and good luck always ....

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