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Data and Phone Number We Shared WhatsApp To Facebook ...?, Dangerous or Not For Us.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 | Wednesday, February 21, 2018

You worshiper WhatsApp ...?, meaning you must read this article until it runs out. Do you already know ...?, if WhatsApp has recently updated its policy.

And the policy change, is the first time WhatsApp done since it was acquired by Facebook in 2014 ago.

The multi-functional communications service states that they will be sharing more WhatsApp user data, including phone numbers will also be shared by them to the parent company, where the parent company is Facebook.

What is their purpose to share data and phone numbers of their users ....?, then how best to stop Facebook WhatsApp or WhatsApp Facebook share data and phone number users ...?. Here's the explanation .....

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WhatsApp Reasons Facebook Shares Data and Phone Numbers.

Facebook party reasoned, the new policy will be useful to combat spam, this powerful way to help Facebook bring more relevant ads, other than that the reason is to recommend a more suitable friend. But unfortunately, the facebook does not explain in more detail how they do that.

Although Facebook has explained the reason, WhatsApp Facebook's new policy clearly makes WhatsApp users wary. However, WhatsApp guarantees its users who now exceed 1 billion more, not to worry about their policies.

Where both the Facebook and WhatsApp parties have stated that will not give or sell your phone number directly to the advertising business.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has also convinced its users that if messaging in WhatsApp will remain secure. This is because it is encrypted and can not be read by any party, including hackers. Even including WhatsApp or Facebook itself is unable to read it.

Actually the latest policy from WhatsApp does get a lot of controversy and criticism because it is considered invasive of privacy. Therefore, to decide that is the way as follows, and this subject has been admin summarized that is how to stop WhatsApp and Facebook share data of its users.

Techniques for Stopping Facebook and WhatsApp Data Sharing.

There are two ways to stop Facebook and WhatsApp share User data. Which will be discussed first is after you update WhatsApp application.

To use WhatsApp you have to agree to the terms of service again, but before you hit the approval button, you can read more info and opt-out to share information about yourself.

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Next, the second discussion is if you do not know and have accepted the terms of the new service. And this is where you have 30 days to use this second service. The trick is:

1. Open WhatsApp.
  • Choose the WhatsApp setting through three vertical dots and choose Settings.
  • Then select Account.
  • Then uncheck the "Share my account info" section.
  • If from the beginning you choose to disagree with WhatsApp - Facebook's new policy. The "Share my account info" option will not be available in your WhatsApp account settings.
2. Will you share information with WhatsApp and Facebook ...?
  • With the above steps, you have successfully stopped Facebook to retrieve WhatsApp account data you have. However, does this really bother you ...? You use the WhatsApp service completely free and this change is also optional, meaning you can choose to reject or accept it.
  • What do you think about WhatsApp's new policy, and the purpose of Facebook that admin explain this ....?. Of course that answer, back to you each ...

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