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Hello friends, we know the price of bitcoin is really high right now. Mine difficulty level is increasing, if mining using miner like Antminer also need big capital, many miner that switch to mine coin other level of difficulty not like bitcoin.

One way to mine bitcoin without too large a capital is through cloud mining, with cloud mining we do not have to bother to buy mining equipment, we just buy hashpower / hashrate at an affordable price when compared to buying a device Antminer.

This time the admin will share the strategy that is currently being done with friends - friends, so we do the cooperation in mining bitcoin through cloud mining.

Then what is the main purpose of working with your closest friends ..?, answer simple, let me quickly payout / Withdraw.

We know that the minimum withdrawal / withdraw Bitcoin in cloud mining is high, can reach 0.01 BTC for minimum withdrawal.

The only thing that can be done so that we can quickly make withdrawal is to buy hashpower with a number that is not small.

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By cooperating with friends who admin have, the number of hashpower that can be purchased automatically can also be many, to think about is the distribution of results only. Some conditions for doing this strategy:
  • My members suggest 2-5 people.
  • Choosing a cloud mining that has a review or good reputation, and has a life of more than 2 years, the three cloud mining admin admin explain under the age of more than 2 years.
  • Own laptop / PC.
  • Have enough funds to buy hashpower, keep the combined funds able to buy 1 Th / s (1000 Gh / s).
  • Having a cloud mining account, just 1 account is used together.
  • Have a bitcoin account.
Before you start please list first of today's most trusted cloud mining (Based on reviews from multiple sources), the admin suggests choosing just one between hashflare, genesis-mining or minergate cloud mining. Before choosing to see the advantages and disadvantages of each:

1. Hashflare.
Behind the capital fast, 1 Th / s who used to admin buy at a price of 120 USD, turning the capital in 2-3 months alone, the rest just enjoy the profit. The average admin revenue from hashflare with 1.04 Th / s is 2 Dollars, so the estimated return of capital in 120/2 = 60 Days only. The facebook hashflare page is very active, even the admin often reply directly to questions on the homepage can even set the pools manually to increase the daily mining results.

Deficiency :
Contract is valid only 1 year.

2. Genesis Mining.
Advantages :
Factory mine genesis there video on youtube, please check "Genesis Mining Office", - Have more than 1 million member - Minimum payout 0.002 BTC.

Deficiency :
The bitcoin miner stock runs out quickly, members are encouraged to mine Monero / Eth on a 2-year contract, for a slower turnover than hashflare.

Advantages :
Lifetime contract (Forever), - Can take advantage of CPU / GPU power to mine coins other than bitcoin, but required CPU and GPU specifications are able to gain profit.

Deficiency :
Behind the capital longer than hashflare and genesis mining, the calculated calculator calculated by minergate is quite different from the Alloscomp calculation, while the hashflare is very close to this count.

Of the three cloud mining above, choose one. If you are still confused choose, please just list the first three cloud mining above while waiting to get a decision from the team and look for reviews from various sources.

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1. After choosing cloud mining, next is to buy hashpower, suppose that the selected cloud mining hashflare.io and members there are 3 people, let's just assume his name is Michael, Tira and Nia.

2. In order to facilitate the sharing of results, of the 3 persons are cultivated gotong royong in the same amount, say each 100 $, so the funds to buy hashpower is 300 $, Michael: 100 $, Tira: 100 $, Nia: 100 $.

3. Money 300 $ collected in one local bank account to one member who already have bitcoin account.

4. The next step, the money already collected was used for deposit in bitcoin account.

5. After the dollar goes into bitcoin account, redeem to bitcoin account (Buy bitcoin)

6. Sign in to hashflare.io account and purchase Sha-256 hashrate, estimate price according to bitcoin amount in your bitcoin account, for example with 300 $ last, we get 0.02 BTC, then we do hashpower purchase in hashflare.

7. After the hashrate has been completed and we already have the hashpower, the next is wait until bitcoin is collected 0.01 BTC to be pulled, because there were 3 people mined in 3, so Michael, Tira and Nia each earn about 33% bitcoin form).

This will last until the 1-year contract runs out, and if you want a long-standing contract do the mining strategy in hashflare. Update the results of mine in hashflare is at 9 am or 10 pm East Indonesia time.

8. Hashflare is an example, if the same admin colleagues choose genesis mining or minergate is also allowed. If bitcoin miner stock is not available in genesis mining, please switch to Ethash or Monero.

9. Mining results other than depending on the number of hashpower also depend on the changing mine difficulty level.

10. For bitcoin address used for payment, just use bitcoin address in your bitcoin account used for bitcoin transfer earlier.

11. When bitcoin payment is received in bitcoin account, admin suggest in dollar only, then sent to bank account owner of bitcoin account. After arriving at the bank account, the new revenue share is done (May be cash or transferred to each bank account).

12. Do not transfer the dollar to the account instead of the account owner, because the transfer must be to the account address with the name according to the identity of the bitcoin account owner.

13. mining bitcoin with cloud mining is a risky activity, the admin has done a review of several sources to determine if hashflare, genesis and minergate are "legit", if comrades want to re-review are welcome.

Formerly friends about the discussion of cooperation in mining bitcoin through cloud mining, good luck and hopefully useful.

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