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The price of digital currency Bitcoin increasingly craze by touching the level of US $ 17,900 in 2017 ago. Bitcoin continues to skyrocket despite warnings from some circles to avoid this instrument getting tighter.

Reuters said on Saturday (16/12/2017), Bitcoin prices at Bitsampp Exchange - the Bitcoin-based buying and selling base in Luxembourg rose 9% on Friday (15/12).

During December 2017 alone, the price of Bitcoin has climbed almost 80%. In fact, since the beginning of 2017, the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed up to 1,700%.

Bitcoin's increasingly wild price movements have raised fears of bubbles. Worldwide, Bitcoin's market capitalization reached US $ 300 billion or around Rp4,074.83 trillion.

Although Bitcoin's price continues to skyrocket, analysts say Bitcoin's bidding has begun to calm since the launch of Bitcoin (Futures) futures instruments by Cboe Global Markets last week.

Charles Hayter, founder of the Cryptocompare futures industry site can divert institutional funds into the digital sphere so that by itself there will be demand for ratification of technology and other principles.

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On the other hand, concerns about the risks of Bitcoin continue to grow. A study from Anglia Ruskin University, Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University say Bitcoin has the potential to threaten financial stability and traditional money markets.

The report also states, although not regulated by the government, Bitcoin's risk could spread to the money market because of the digital money market interconnection with financial assets.

However, these concerns are ignored because the market capitalization of Bitcoin is only about US $ 300 billion and is not considered to be sufficient impact on financial stability. 

The head of the British Financial Authority, Andrew Bailey, was quoted by the BBC report as saying that Bitcoin buyers should be ready to lose all their money.

And it is true that revealed by the Head of the Financial Authority of England, Andrew Bailey where exactly in 2018 all digital currencies including bitcoin drastically decreased in price.

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But even though the price of digital currency in 2018 has dropped dramatically, cybercriminals, especially bitcoin or other digital currencies, continue to stunt, miners secretly through android or other people's mobile phones like coincides. It was once said by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who declared about illegal mining, following his statement:

One of the characteristics of the device affected by malware is the operation of the device to be slow and the computer fan spinning. "If a software runs without permission, then it is classified as a parasite". Said Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Shopos Joe Levy. In malware there is no category of 'parasiteware'. Malware is included in the type of parasitic software on the device.

Levy explained, crypto mining is starting to be exploited by the evil to dig bitcoin, monero, and other digital currencies. It is increasingly widespread since the value or price of digital currency began to skyrocket, reaching 17 thousand US dollars per chip at the end of last year.

In fact, in early 2017, a piece of bitcoin equivalent to a thousand US dollars. Thieves in cyberspace see the opportunity and use it for financial gain.

One example of the evil miner, Coinhive. Coin miner is a monero currency miner who appeared in mid-September 2017.

The number of sites that Coinhive is riding steadily increases along with the rise in the value of digital currencies. It is parasitic in nature, so Sophos marks Coinhive and other crypto miners based on Java Script as malware.

Not only that, Coinhive can even run on top of mobile devices, such as smart phones that increase the temperature of the device suddenly.

Uniquely, Coinhive markets it self as an 'alternative source of revenue for advertising'. The famous pirate site called The Pirate Bay is one of the Coinhive user pages and directly tells users that the browser is already used to mine digitally.

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