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Cyberspace surfers from which is not familiar with Facebook ..?. Keep in mind, Facebook is one of the social media with the most users in the world, because that's of course Facebook is not only a place to gather users, but also entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs with branding who want to introduce what they have managed.

Starting from this then the existence of Advertising service ie Facebook Ads. Because of the large number of communities that have used Facebook, one reason for using the Facebook Ads service is because of its ability to target more markets with relatively lower cost estimates than other media.

However, if you already know the information that states that the Facebook Ads service has a side that is not known to the general public.

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Want to know ...?, Following description maximize Revenue from Facebook Ads:

1. Facebook Bids.
  • Highly Determined With Time Period. In fact, Facebook Ads very depends on the time period. That is, Facebook Ads have a period where when a certain event occurs that can only be done at a certain time as well.
  • Basically the Facebook algorithm at the time of determining the bidding system or more familiarly known as the bidding system against the price of advertising, it will be based on several criteria, and the most important factor that affects the value of the ad impressions price is when more and more are doing the bidding.
  • Based on that knowledge, of course there are special moments that make the price on the bidding system has increased significantly. For example, during religious holidays such as Idul Fitri or Christmas, or other special day examples. At such moments that lead to cost-per-click cost price of Facebook ads will increase.
2. Facebook Offer Advertising Options "Click To Chat".
  • You may not know that there are ad options offered Facebook Ads, which is in the form of click to chat. Although the reality is not new, the fact that this type of advertising is rarely known to the advertising, perhaps because it is quite a bit interested. For additional information, that such advertising option is actually very potential if we want to provide additional services, such as the existence of Customer Service.
  • When users have repeatedly accessed sites that have been owned, and there is a possibility they make transactions on the brand sold, that's when this type of ad is very suitable to use. Endingnya of course consumers will be presented special advertising Customer Service referred, for more details that will lead to the chat feature with the brand. The main point lies in the quality of service provided. If consumers are satisfied with the service, then they will become the users of our own brand at a later time.
3. Facebook Ads Optimization Required Unequal Strategies.
  • Some time ago, Facebook enhanced the quality of features for advertisers, in particular giving advertisers the option to create ads that can appear in multiple device display mode modes simultaneously. However, just like the Google Adsense monetization strategy, in fact each device mode requires different ad placement strategies.
4. Has Audients Insight Features.
  • Audients Insight feature or user insight feature, which is one of Facebook's advertising programs that may not have been known. Audients Insight feature will be very useful for the purpose of doing targeted consumers. In the Audients Insight feature, there is information related to online habits made by consumers, revenue, purchasing power, and some other information.
  • On the positive side of this information, you can intentionally establish relationships with targeted, business-friendly customers, from which you can actually enhance the performance of certain points of the ad campaign mode.
5. The Creative Quality Affects Against Success.
  • The quality and quantity of the Facebook Ads creative is more on the grammar in the content to be created. In particular the issue was delivered directly by the Facebook. In this explanation, the Facebook more want the material in the form of images with little text, bahka not contain any text.
  • Image creative types with little text or no text at all, will have a higher distribution opportunity than other models. Basically, now Facebook already has specific criteria for the amount of text that will be displayed inside the display ad creative.
6. Required to Update Creative.
  • Almost all categories of advertising campaigns offered by Facebook, can be controlled to govern how often an ad appears for a specific user. Because of that, it can actually potentially inconvenience the site consumers with the presence of ads that always appear.
  • The negative impact of the incident is of course not impossible they will feel bored and lazy to make transactions.With that experience, it is mandatory to update the creatives that have been installed, so that consumers will not feel bored with the presence of ads that change continuously.

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