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Business or Business for women is not new, with other languages have emerged many successful entrepreneurs who come from these women.

According to sources, the number is very much, in Indonesia alone a few years ago reached more than 244 thousand of 3.75 million women entrepreneurs.

That means it proves that women or in this case include students, college students, career women and housewives have the same opportunity to run a business or business.

Although there is no gender benchmark in business, there is still a different trend between women and men in choosing the type of business or business.

And women will usually choose a type of business that is small risk, and can be done without spending a lot of power.

Because of it, through articles that the author is trying to share information about the type of business or business opportunities that fit for women, whether housewife, Career and students who want to start their business.

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1. Accessories.
Accessories business for women can be said to have a fairly potential market, given the needs of women will be very high accessories even can be said to be an obligation for some women. Business accessories may be combined with both businesses that are already business personal stylist and boutique business, basically accessories are complementary fashion.

The capital required for the business or the accessories business is also relatively small, and is arguably the least compared to the business of personal stylist and boutique business.

In order to reach more customers, can use facebook and twitter as a means of promotion. As for the online marketing strategy may use direct promotion techniques or offer it directly to consumers who become the target.

2. Cosmetics.
Between Cosmetics and Women are two things that can not be separated, so do not be surprised if many women are willing to spend deep to buy cosmetic equipment to increase confidence. The high demand for cosmetics makes cosmetic business one of the most profitable business opportunities, because women's cosmetic needs are very high.

Why cosmetic business is perfect for women, because cosmetics that will be sold can be tried first, so buyers will be more confident when seeing the results of testing done.

3. Birthday Party.
One of the business recommendations for women who do not need a lot of capital, or with other expressions of business that can be done with small capital and spelled out is still rare.

The concept of the birthday party business is to prepare everything related to the birthday party event, ranging from room decoration, the concept of the event to the selection of food menu.

Marketing on this birthday party business, is more dominant to kindergarten or elementary children. Because, often the parents do not have much time to prepare for the celebration of the birthday party of his baby, so this is where the businessman role to offer birthday party services to the parents of children who will celebrate the anniversary.

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4. Boutique.
Boutique Business one of the inspirational efforts for women to achieve success in the business field of fashion. Business boutique is promising especially for those who really like the world of fashion, but it should be noted that the capital to start a fashion business especially for boutiques require capital that is not large enough.

But you do not need to worry, because boutique business has a wide market, especially religious clothing is Muslim clothing, considering the number of Muslim women population in the world is very large, so business pistil including business opportunities are quite promising to be occupied.

5. Personal Stylist Services.
Business Stylist personal services may still be rarely heard, but business services like this have been done by many fashionable women in big cities around the world.

The requirement to plunge into the business of personal service stylist that has knowledge of the world wide fashion, and of course must be up to date in terms of world fashion development.

Market targeting for services like this is more devoted to public figures such as artists or members of the political elite, but did not rule out also used by ordinary people who want to look fashionable and more trendy.

Such is the kind of business or business that is good for the people, with the business or business hopefully become one way in increasing monthly income for women especially career women, students and housewives, because this type is a prospective business this year.

Then, the key to successful business is to start a business that matches the interests or hobbies of each woman, because basically a hobby can be a business to make money, and if the business is run in accordance with the conscience, then the pressure in doing business can be overcome well.

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